William Saito’s Journey in Computer Programming

From a young age, William Saito has managed to become a great success in technology and is recognized as one of the youngest programmers. He is currently an entrepreneur, but before venturing into business, Saito was a political advisor in his home country Japan.

At just 10 years old William Saito received an opportunity to improve his computer skills and received an internship in computer programming. This was a great success for Saito especially because of his age, once he joined college, Saito established a software firm, this establishment became a great success in Japan and all over the world. However, Saito sold this company later in 2000. Over the years William Saito has received several awards, in 1998 he was awarded as the youngest entrepreneurs.

Apart from being a successful programmer, Saito is also an author. In his new book “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur”. William talks about his life and some of the first steps he took when starting his business.

William Saito’s journey to programming.

William Saito is an American born to Japanese parents, while in school Saito developed an interest in schools and his teacher’s used computers to improve his mathematics and science skills. His curiosity and interest in computers led him to discover the ability he had in understanding programs.

However, Saito’s educational journey was not easy as he had a hard time in English as his parents were not well conversant with the language. Though it was a low moment when teachers thought that he was a slow student, Saito did not let this determine his destiny. In his book Saito mentions that he always enjoyed taking things apart, he concentrated on his strength and emerged to be one of the youngest programmers in the country.

Saito’s life growing up.

By the time William Saito could understand computers, computers had evolved and had been created to fit in home spaces, it is at this time that his parents bought Saito a computer according to William this was one the most exciting moments he stills recalls the excitement. He would now be able to work in his space and find out more about computers all at the comfort of his home.

Besides sharpening his computing skills, during the weekends Saito would solve financial calculations with stockbrokers, this was among his first jobs, and it also helped refine his skills not only in programming but also in finances.