What Happens When Two of the Largest Leading Modeling Agencies Converge? The Brown Modeling Agency is Born

While it is not uncommon for modeling agencies to come and go, it is uncommon for two super conglomerates to join forces, re-name, re-brand, re-structure and emerge triumphant. With Justin Brown at the wheel, steering Brown Modeling agency into the future, he expects the launch of this new company to surpass triumphant. “I worked my way through college business management courses modeling while working at a modeling agency. So you can say I have been eating, living and breathing this industry since I was 19 years old.” Justin Brown wasn’t just a mere model, he was so sought after that designers would design clothes to fit his body type. After traveling the globe and meeting every designer imaginable Justin went on to development and placement, a subfield within the modeling industry. “I trained models to operate like pros. I either placed them or helped them graduate to the big time.”


Just Brown is confident that the combination of the two companies and launch of the new company will “offer clients a wider, more focused portfolio of skilled and practiced talent which will allow for greater opportunities across the country.” True to its reputation, Brown prides itself on a roster whose age range goes all the way up from five years of age to 85. “Don’t laugh, I have worked alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world and was blown away when they told me that some of them were over 80!” Brown is quick to add that “Everyone we hire has something special and unique to offer and it is so powerful, so griping that age really doesn’t matter.”


According to Market Wired, the Brown Agencies’ mission statement is simple. “We cultivate and nurture careers and have developed relationships with all media forums with a focus on Film, Television, Commercial, Fashion and Print.” This isn’t the first time that Texas has been at the forefront of commercializing new accomplishments in the modeling world: It was also the home to both the Wilhelmina Austin Agency and Heyman Talent-South. Wilhelmina Austin was one of the most successful modeling agencies in central Texas while Heyman Talent-South quickly grew to be one of the most successful acting talent agencies in Austin. “Texas isn’t just famous for barbeque folks! We have the most beautiful, most talented people from all over the world come through our doors.”


“The Brown Agency is changing the look of fashion, as well as a sharp awareness of what beauty can be,” says Brown of his staff and models. “They are all an inspirational illustration that is showing the world that it is possible to radiate beauty and confidence at any age.” The new agency will be based out of Austin but will have offices in Dallas as well as Los Angeles. Having both a modeling agency and a talent agency under one roof will allow The Brown Modeling Agency to maintain its commitment to serving both talent and modeling clients. “We are focused on maintaining our sterling reputation in selecting only the finest, preparing them for availability on a grander market level and being able to consistently provide the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”



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