Vinod Gupta School Held to High Degree of Excellence

Higher education is so valuable in today’s world and so widely talked about, it’s difficult to comprehend that not everyone has the same opportunities from the start. One example of this is Vinod Gupta, a man born into humble beginnings who through hard work and dedication was able to establish the Business School at IIT Kharagpur. His school was recently ranked number seven by the National Institutional Ranking Framework that releases early rankings for higher education in India.
The ranks are determined by a range of parameters that were develop by the Government of India through their Ministry of Human Resource Development. The school was ranked number seven using these parameters and like many, has a focused area of study. Namely Management and has proven it’s a true testament to using a well-rounded education system to help its students to succeed.
Vinod is a prime example of how hard work and continued excellence can lead to success if a person is dedicated enough to overcome the trials that lay ahead of him. He was born in a village located one hundred miles north of New Dehli that had no running water or electricity. Despite these odds, he was able to get a high school degree and majored in agricultural engineering, earning his B. Tech degree in 1967.
His family helped him to reach new heights by borrowing money so he could buy a plane ticket to Nebraska where he continued his studies for the next several years. This eventually lead to him earning his Masters degree in Business Administration in 1971 and afterwards he continued to work hard until he opened his school in 1993. When Vinod arrived in Nebraska he only had a suitcase of clothes and $58 to his name, but otherwise was able to reach the success he knows today.