The Tower Is Building A Tower

In the greater New York Metro area, we experience all seasons. There is nothing nicer than pulling your car into your garage, during a snowstorm, and going directly into your home to get warm and comfortable. What is even nicer is parking your car in the parking garage of your high-rise development where you live, heading inside and stopping at the business center to finish up a little work, sitting in the library for a few minutes to get warm and perhaps socialize with other residents, and then heading to your apartment or condominium. In inclement weather, it is so enjoyable to know that you can get a great workout without having to leave your building in a state-of-the-art, on-premise fitness center. New Jersey residents know that if Boriae Development is involved in building a high-rise in their neighborhood, that these are exactly the type of amenities they can expect.


According to Patch, Boriae has been developing properties in New Jersey for quite some time. Never afraid to go into areas and buildings that time has forgotten about, they somewhat magically take a blemish and make it a gem. Recently they have joined Shaquille O’Neal, the famed basketball star, on a project to develop a high-rise in Newark. This is Mr. O’Neal’s hometown and what a gracious gesture on his part, to go back to this area that is still disproportionately marked by blight, and offer support and hope for the people of this city.


Socioeconomically speaking, just because people are not wealthy does not somehow mean they are bad. Our cities in the United States have always been about newcomers and those that risen to greater heights. Seeing investment in a community where you live, and where seeing development of industrial war-torn buildings is becoming a reality, it gives residents hope for the future and something to aspire to.


The “Shaq Tower” will be the first bit of interest shown in nearly 5 decades in making Newark better by forever altering the skyline. What’s more is the local population will really take special interest in what he is doing because it will carry an element of personal concern for them, coming directly from one of their own who has made it. Mr. O’Neal and Boriae Development are doing something great for New Jersey, for the people of Newark and for those hardworking individuals who don’t mind a short train ride to their new home in New Jersey. Manhattan remains prohibitively expensive, and if given an alternative that is within walking distance of the Path station, and where savings might be had, a lot of people will welcome that option. You can visit



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