Talkspace Keeps Pace With Traditional Therapy

Our society has become increasingly open about political debacles, celebrity shenanigans and many other subjects which used to be considered too sensitive for public consumption. Divulging and bringing them to the light can be beneficial, but we are lagging behind when we keep mental health issues under wraps. When Betty Ford first discussed her substance abuse issues, and other prominent females uttered the words “breast cancer” aloud, better treatments were the nearly instant result. In the same way, Talkspace aspires to uncloak mental health issues in order to remove the stigma from those who seek help.

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Talkspace is a professional service that allows those with troubling mental health issues to affordably and conveniently speak to a therapist in a private, low stress format. Through texting, one can contact Talkspace, become matched with a therapist who works well with the patients’ particular issue, and initiate a therapeutic mental health dialogue. Clearly, this is a revolutionary way for those who would never have sought treatment to embark on a mental wellness journey.

It should be made clear that this is not simply a chat line connected to a person who doubles as a phone psychic. These are bona fide professionals with verifiable credentials making quantifiable improvements for those suffering in silence. The fact that Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has endorsed Talkspace illustrates the beneficial veracity of this powerful mental health therapy format. He has become a very public face for a very private and troubling mental health pandemic in this country.

Through the increased visibility accompanying Talkspace and the endorsement of Michael Phelps, a standard truth has begun to emerge — mental health issues do not discriminate. This troubling and dangerous family of illnesses crosses all social, economic, gender and race delineations. Talkspace is definitely a professional service whose time has come.