Steve Ritchie Determined To See Papa John’s Back On Top

As is the case with any business big or small, change is inevitable. With regards to Papa John’s Pizza, change will be coming in many ways. According to new company CEO Steve Ritchie, some of the biggest changes will be in the areas of diversity and inclusion. After recently writing and publishing an open letter of apology to the company’s loyal customers, Steve Ritchie has also announced plans for many changes within the company that will promote diversity and inclusion.

To ensure all Papa John’s employees as well as those outside the company have a chance to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship, Steve Ritchie announced the company will put a much greater emphasis on developing opportunities for minority-owned franchises. By doing so, he believes Papa John’s will be able to transform itself into a company that better reflects the changing demographics of the communities in which their restaurants are located, thus making those communities stronger.

And when it comes to making communities stronger, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s are proving they are committed to this cause. Along with the increased emphasis on minority franchisees, the company has also announced the creation of a foundation, the aim of which is to invest in community projects in localities where Papa John’s employees live and work. By helping to strengthen and grow these communities, Steve Ritchie feels it will also provide greater opportunities for Papa John’s employees and other community members to come together for a common cause.

To ensure the company is doing everything possible to make diversity and inclusion a bigger part of its corporate culture, Steve Ritchie and many other Papa John’s executives are also traveling to various cities across the United States, where they will meet one-on-one with local franchisees, employees, and customers in an effort to listen to any thoughts or concerns they may have about the company. By conducting these listening sessions, Steve Ritchie is convinced it will lead to positive changes taking place, since it is often those individuals within local restaurants and communities who know better than anyone what is working and what is not.

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