Rocketship Public Schools Receives Highest Rating in Annual Report

Rocketship Public Schools is a network of charter schools that serve students up to the eighth grade. It has expanded to the east coast including the Washington D.C. area. As a network of elementary schools, Rocketship public schools is evaluated and rated by the DC Public Charter School Board. Each year, it is given an annual rating by the Performance Management Framework. For the year 2018, Rocketship public schools was given a record high rating. Out of a possible 100 points, Rocketship Public Schools received a rating of 94%. As a result, it was regarded as the most reputable and highest quality public charter school in the area. It’s DC area school, Legacy Prep was rated on the Tier 1 category of public charter schools.

On an annual basis, the DC Public Charter School Board puts together its final Quality Report at the end of each year. When the report is compiled, the schools are rated on characteristics such as scholastic achievement by students, learning progress, attendance and satisfaction among parents. Rocketship public schools received the highest rating for the year and was therefore able to establish itself as the leading public charter school for grades kindergarten to eighth grade. There are a number students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend the Rocketship public schools. Due to this factor, the charter school network has proven that all types of students can reach high levels of scholastic achievement.

Today, many parents are very aware of the quality of education that their children receive from Rocketship public schools. They realized that students who attend the schools are often in position to be well prepared for their educational futures. Since the quality of education has been quite high among parents, many more of them have decided to have their children attend. This has led to high growth in attendance over the past year. There are now over 450 students who attend the school’s DC campus. Parents have stated that the school provides their children with a bright future by giving them one of the highest quality educations available as explained here Due to the many very positive reviews the school has been given, it was named Legacy Prep.

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