Protect Your Child from Sex Abuse with the Help of Jeff Herman

Talk to your child. Make sure to use age-appropriate language and vocabulary so they comprehend what you telling them.  You are explaining things such as private area. Tell them they have the right to tell anyone they feel uncomfortable with or who touches them in the wrong area to stop it.
Give them examples of you mean by a child predator and inappropriate touching. Make sure they understand that people in their lives and peer group may try to harm them. Inform them that trusted people like family friends, relatives and professionals like police and teachers can also try to harm them.
Those are the things you must do to prevent a child predator from abusing your child. You also must recognize the signs of a child being sexually abused.
Jeff Herman is an Advocate and Attorney Dedicated to Getting Financial Justice for Abuse Victims.
The tips to prevent a child predator from abusing your child comes from Attorney Jeff Herman. He has years of experience representing clients who were sexually abused as children. For instance, in 2011, he successfully tried a civil suit against a priest accused of sexually abusing his client. Jeff Herman’s client was awarded $100,000 dollars. He has also uncovered his shares of sex abuse scandals.
In addition to working to help those harmed by a child predator, Jeff Herman has created a list of child abuse signs. These signs of child abuse will alert you to whether your child or another child is being sexually abused.
For instance, their behavior undergoes a drastic change like hurting themselves. Another sign is regression. They revert to being younger. This may manifest in sucking their thumb sucking and wetting the bed.
The last thing to watch out for is sudden changes in behavior. This is different behavior includes compulsive masturbation and acting out sexually.
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