Peter Briger Uses His Expertise And Financial Success To Help Others

Peter Briger is Fortress Investment Group’s Co-Chairman and President of the Board of Directors. He is one of the top business professionals in the elite Forbes 400. He was a Goldman Sachs & Co. partner for 15 years. He currently heads the credit fund and real estate business divisions at Fortress, where he focuses on distressed debt and illiquid investments.

Peter Briger earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University. He found great success at Goldman Sachs and became an expert in distressed debt, foreign investments, loans, real estate, and trading. He became a partner at the bank before becoming the co-CEO at Fortress Investment Group in 2002. He has improved Fortress by making it one of the first American alternative investment companies to go public. The company now manages over $65 billion in assets for private and institutional investors.

Peter Briger holds an important position at the firm that requires him to convert distressed financial instruments into cash. He has helped foreign markets raise capital during the recent global economic crisis. He is a great leader and board member of various organizations and institutions outside of Fortress.

He is a charitable and caring philanthropist who has donated over $600 million to the conservation of the New York Central Park. He gives money to help children, end poverty, and support providers of quality education. Based on his success, Peter Briger is unmatched in the investments and finance world. He was successful at Goldman Sachs, but his achievements at Fortress have enhanced his career and made him a billionaire. His financial success has not stopped his drive to continue helping countries around the world that are struggling economically. Even at age 51, he is still a top finance industry expert that garners respect from professionals around the world.

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