Bob Reina’s Global Mission

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a creative, high-quality global video marketing company. Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after he encountered a problem trying to send a video email. Bob Reina was viewing a home. He was interested in purchasing the home, but he wanted to get his family’s opinion about the house. When he tried to send the message, he was informed that the video could not be sent.

Bob Reina decided to make the impossible possible. He met with his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen that had great knowledge of technology. They put their heads together and in 2007 Talk Fusion was launched. Bob Reina quit his job as a police officer to follow his passion. His passion was not only marketing but helping all of humanity. Bob Reina offers his employee the opportunity to donate one free account to the charity of their choice. He doesn’t push for them to contribute to who he contributes to he encourages them to contribute. He just wants his employees to take on his way of thinking when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the human race. He wants to help charities and nonprofits spread their message, come in contact with more people, and advance the mission of their cause

Talk Fusion has launched innovative, high-quality video conference software that has significantly changed the lives of the people that have decided to use the products. The new release allows real-time communication. This new program will allow people to deliver one way videos and operate video based conferences.

Talk Fusion’s new software gives companies the options to host video conferences conveniently. Meetings are no longer limited to the boardroom. The new program allows flexibility in the time and location of the meeting they are having. The program is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and computers. Talk Fusion doesn’t want to limit their users to one device they want to give them options.

The new program also has an accurate video presentation and clear audio. Talk Fusion takes pride in providing quality products to their customers. There are so many options for static-filled video, but they want their clients to have the best quality and productive meetings. Host are also allowed to test the program to make sure that their presentation will show in a professional, acceptable manner. Learn more:


Dick Devos and His Legacy

Businessman. Activist. Philanthropist. Dick Devos has been all these things and more. Along with his wife Betsy, he has created a legacy of accomplishment that stretches from his hometown of Grand Rapids to the entire country.


This legacy began a few years before Devos would become the CEO of his family’s Amway Corp. It was 1991 and Devos came out vocally against the construction of an arena outside of downtown Grand Rapids, thinking that it would hurt the city in the same way suburban sport facilities had hurt Detroit.


His efforts would lead to the creation of Grand Action, in which a group of local businessmen would guide the development of a wide range of important projects in Grand Rapids. Projects that would revitalize the city. This includes the DeVos Place Convention Center and the DeVos Performance Hall, as well as the Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market and the medical school at Michigan State University. Devos also played a major role in the growth of the Grand Rapids International Airport.


But his influence didn’t stop at the city limits. He and his wife have been responsible for creating change that has affected the entire state of Michigan. In 2012, he was a driving force in converting one of strongest union states in the country into a right-to-work state. And his wife Betsy has been instrumental in the expansion of charter schools across the state and throughout the country. This directly led to President Trump selecting her as his Education Secretary this past year. Dick also has taken a role in the federal government, having recently been appointed to a board that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration.


The power couple have also been accomplished philanthropists. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given more than $130 million to a variety of charitable projects, which include leadership programs, arts and culture, health and human services, churches, and policy initiatives. They also gave more than $12 million toward the building of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids.


The two see their political activism and charitable giving as having the same goal: helping poor children to receive the same opportunities as everyone else.


There are followers and then there are leaders. Dick Devos and his wife have been two of the latter, with a outstretched legacy that will live on well past them.


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Innovation, Excellence & Ingenuity: Fashionista Doe Deere

Being a fashionista means that you have to posses qualities of extreme style and taste. Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? If you haven’t heard then you’re not along. She is one of the top up-and-coming cosmetic leaders of today, and her weapon of choice is known as Lime Crime. Doe Deere has been in America since the age of 17. Yes, she is from another country, and that country just so happens to be Russia. She was only 17 years ago when she stepped off the plane in New York City. Her goal was to become a musician in which she most certainly did as she joined a local band. Deere was officially on her way.


Brooklyn and Manhattan were the main two boroughs where she would spend most of her time. She had to grow up really fast and by playing in a band, she would progressively learn about other business tactics. These business tactics would come in handy years down the line. When it comes to being a positive role model, Deere stands at the forefront. Though this woman has never volunteered to have this exclusive title, she does a wonderful job of filling the role. Deere gives good advice because she’s sincere. She has always stated that people should pursue things that they’re already good at or to pursue something that they’re already interested in. “Be in-touch with yourself” said Deere. This advice might seem a bit bland, but it’s the truth.


She is a living testament to her very own advice. Lime Crime seems to be light-years ahead of the competition. This brand is made of vegan ingredients, and it’s animal cruelty-free. On top of that, Lime Crime’s benefits include:


  • Touch-Proof
  • Longer Lasting
  • Kiss Proof
  • Easy To Use
  • And many more


Now individuals can express themselves in the colors that truly appeals to them. Whether it’s saint, salem, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, ruby red, rustic, true love riot or scandal, you’ll always have an arsenal to choose from. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein, the Commercial Litigator

Much as the corporation takes in to care for their employees’ welfare, most have decided not to exercise stock options. This because of the magnitude of loss and risk they carry an ever fluctuating stock price. This move has deliberately been chosen because stock prices may fall way below the exercisable minimum or less to cover the transactional costs.


Stock options have been widely interpreted to closely take the shape of casinos. The compensation method often doesn’t yield as much during the recession and could be doomed worthless altogether. Similarly, it’s rather tedious to compute the value of these derivatives to determine financial soundness. Besides this benefit cannot be equated to remuneration packages the employer derives from.


Anyhow, a stock option adds on to one’s personal earnings if the market is trading off well and as a result, the share price rises. The organization benefits from the satisfaction of employees because it stands a better position in helping the organization operate productively, so they benefit from its success. It is an asset of its kind and can be used as collateral to obtain funding or get a super efficient insurance cover.


To enjoy these benefits, corporations have to find a solution. The knockout strategy is the optimal solution. It curtails the share value, so it doesn’t fall below a specified minimum.


About Jeremy Goldstein

He is a licensed and practicing legal practitioner with a specialty in business and commercial law.Jeremy Goldstein has worked for Shearman & Sterling as a legal associate for a year. He later joined Wachtell, Lipton, and Rosen & Katz as a managing partner a role he held diligently for 14 years before retiring to private practice.


Jeremy Goldstein is currently the founder and managing partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC that was founded in 2014. His career is enriched by quality education obtained from Cornell University and the University of Chicago in Art History in degree and masters respectively. In 1999, he obtained a Juris Doctor degree in law from the University of New York.


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Many groups perceive inmate calling to be unjust, but Securus disagrees

The rates that inmates incarcerated in American prisons have to pay to make outgoing phone calls have long been a contentious issue. Many groups, including the Prison Policy Initiative, have concluded that the rates that inmates are forced to pay throughout much of the country are exorbitant, constituting a violation of civil rights. They back these statements up by pointing to states such as Arizona, where the average outgoing phone call costs inmates more than $1.50 per minute.


These groups often contend that the ability of inmates to cheaply call their loved ones from the nation’s prisons is more than a privilege, it is a public good. To back this up, they cite surveys and studies that conclude that inmate who are able to stay in frequent touch with their loved ones while incarcerated often have far superior outcomes when released back into society. These inmates not only have lower rates of recidivism, they also are able to maintain better behavioral records while incarcerated, significantly reducing the risks they pose to the institution where they are housed.


However, Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communication services in the United States today, is quick to rebut the idea that the rates paid by the average inmate in the United States are far too high. Securus points out that the average inmate across state prisons where it operates pays just $0.15 per minute to make outgoing phone call. While this may appear to be a high rate, it is only slightly above what the average person could expect to pay for long distance phone calls on the free market.


Considering all the added security measures, monitoring systems and other expensive means to ensure the safety of the prison that is involvded in a prison communication system, these prices are actually quite good. On top of this, Securus is able to provide the prisons where it operates with significant additional revenues, ensuring that the prison is adequately staffed and run it safely.


Securus Technologies – Leading Edge Technology for Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies has been providing advanced technology and communication services to correctional facilities for over 30 years. They strive to provide the best options available on the market with safety officials and inmates in mind. The main office is located in Dallas, Texas. They provide services to correctional facilities in Canada as well. They are proud to announce that they serve over 2,000 correctional facilities with over a million inmates. They currently employ approximately 1,300 employees. Their customer care center is open 24/7, so you can be sure to reach someone if you have any questions or concerns.


Securus Technologies pride themselves in providing a business of honesty and integrity. They have a team of engineers, customer advocates and executives that work around the clock to provide the most advanced services possible. They understand how important it is to stay in contact with loved ones while incarcerated; however, they also realize that security is a priority that should always be monitored. Their top of the line technology has made headlines all over the world, and continually provide new features for the community and surrounding areas.


They focus on helping others connect while making the world a safer place. Their solutions are designed to offer help to cities and law enforcement agencies while collecting and monitoring distributed information. Since their available at all times, they exist with the option to support immediate needs within the community. They are highly committed and dedicated to provide a secure and valuable connection for correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have developed a huge collection of patents with approximately 90 still pending. They also have the opportunity to reinvest more than $19 million back into the company each year. They continually strive to offer exceptional customer service along with the most secure connection available.


Jose AuriemoNeto: Brazil’s Top Real Estate and Luxury Guru

Real estate globally has taken everyone into a frenzy. Designs have changed over time depending on the customer’s needs. Well, in Brazil, one company has been on the forefront in developing the real estate sector in Brazil is JHSF.The Company boasts of being a market leader in income assets that are of recurrent nature. The company has branches in the Paraguay and most importantly the United states of America. It specializes in building and managing of Mega hotels, shopping complexes and even airports in its long list of portfolio. Founded in the early 70’s, JHSF has developed more than six million square meters in its long lists of works. This is quite impressive for the Brazilian company which employs between 1000-5000 employees, both directly and indirectly.

The company was founded by two Brazilian brothers in the country’s capital Sao Paulo who joined hands with two other investors/partners. The company is known for its quick grip and specialization in the real estate industry. It practices sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and developments both in Brazil and other parts of the world it has invested in. The company is strategically divided into four business units namely; Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Centre, Airports Corporate Governance. The company is also a leader in Luxury goods.

One of its founders, Jose Auriemo Neto, is the man behind the JHSF brand that has grown popularity in Brazil and the world beyond. In 2004, he approached his Father, Fabio, who was then President of JHSF, with an idea of building a high-end complex in Pinheiros, Brazil. His father declined, but Jose recalls not giving up and even taking the step to take his father to the area. As we are speaking, a landmark real estate project which has nine residential towers, 180 stores, a brand of FasanoHotels, and more offices stands in the country. Dubbed the new king of luxury in Brazil, Jose has driven the competition of both real estate and luxury to an all-time high. Now the company boasts of revenues of between R$100 million – 500 million annually.

Aloha Construction Is Engaging In Giving Even Before The Holiday Season

Aloha Construction is an organization that exists in the Midwest. Most Aloha Construction customers come from places like Illinois and Wisconsin. In addition to being a construction company, Aloha Construction also takes pride in helping Lake County, which is its home. This construction company especially loves helping children in need.


Aloha Construction has recently partnered with Leading Express Toys to help children experiencing poverty in Lake County. Many children and their families were welcomed to the toy store for a few hours. These children were encouraged to get expensive toys, which they would not receive otherwise. Every child that was part of this program left with a smile.


The creating Aloha Construction is David Farbaky. David Farbacky is also the owner of the David Farbaky Foundation. This is the not-for-profit branch of Aloha Construction. David created this foundation once his business became successful. His reason for creating this foundation is because he had a hard childhood growing up, and he knows many children are living ten times harder today. David gives out toys to children every few months, but he hopes he can start doing this every month.


David Farbaky also wants to help children experiencing poverty throughout America. He is sending an invitation to construction owners everywhere. David would love to partner with these owners throughout America to help needy children in all cities.


Learning Express Toys has given a plaque to Aloha Construction. This plaque is to applaud Aloha for the great work they do within the Lake County community.