Clay Hutson – On the Road Again

DiGiCo creator and mastermind Clay Hutson is no stranger to the bright lights and big stage. His work as a musical engineer has been well documented over the past century, working on-site with some of the biggest musical stars in the industry. Clay’s last world tour brought the alternative rock genre to a global audience with Garbage’s tour. The band traveled from continent to continent, performing night in and night out. These performances were managed by Clay, adding a small mark to his vast resume.



This year, Clay was tracked down by pop sensation Halsey. This singer/songwriter extraordinaire is taking the global stage by storm this summer and through the later months of 2018, marking the first time the 23-year-old becomes the star of the show. To increase her firepower and provide sound, lighting, and billing support, the singer sought help from Mr. Hutson. Being that Clay had embarked on many different global tours, this request was an easy obligation for him to take on. Halsey has a massive social media following, which started to gain a full head of steam in early 2012. The singer released her single ‘Bad at Love’ on social media platforms, lighting the flame that led to her signing with a major producer. The tour expands multiple continents, with heavy hitters dropping down in Asia and Latin America. The singer has ties to these regions and she will feature opening acts and other performers that are enriched within the cultural region of performance. These additions hope to showcase the many different talents that women in music possess, allowing the world to receive a full sampling of the different flavors existing from locations all over the world.



This marks the second consecutive summer that Hutson will be billed as the tour manager for a singer or group. His latest sound productions, in association with DiGiCo, were featured heavily across the festival space in 2017. The SD7 and SD11 sound systems were utilized at the top grossing tours of the summer, heating up the stage and creating a nostalgia fans will never forget. These production systems come at the dedication and musical commitments Clay strived to achieve when creating his company. He continues to work with top performing artists and groups, helping them develop their sound for outdoor shows, stadium tours, and other such meccas that demand the ‘go big or go home’ way of life. His expertise continues to influence developing artists and his creations continue to push the limits of musical sound production systems and showcases. Learn more:



Heal-N-Soothe, Natures Healing Source

We know that the remedy for all ailments that inflict the human body can be found in nature. Homeopathic pain management studies have proven the use of natural ingredients like Boswellia extract, Ginger root extract, Yucca root, and Devil’s Claw root extract (to name a few) have been found to be very effective at controlling the pain of inflammation. Heal-N-Soothe uses the most effective ingredients found in nature to combat inflammation. Utilizing natural Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes as an anti-inflammatory, many individuals have testified to the incredible effectiveness of Heal-n-Soothe.

The list of side effects for “man made” pain management drugs are always extensive. Including the well documented addictive properties of opiates. The risks for taking these drugs seems to far outweigh the benefits, usually requiring an entire page of warnings. The pharmaceutical companies that push these dangerous drugs put profits ahead of the welfare of the people seeking some relief from the pain they have to endure. The proprietary ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe aid in replenishing our bodies natural defenses against joint pain, by way of Proteolytic Enzymes. These enzymes naturally deplete as our body ages, making it more difficult for our bodies to heal and repair the joints that cause discomfort.

The measured combination of natural ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe have proven to be far more effective at alleviating pain and discomfort than the most powerful and DANGEROUS OTC drugs. By targeting and healing the damage source, the pain associated with it is alleviated. It’s a simple concept of repairing the problem, as opposed to putting a band-aid on the result of the problem( i.e. simply masking the pain).

The all natural ingredients that make up Heal-n-Soothe are: Boswellia Extract 150mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids 90mg, Ginger Root Extract 90mg, Yucca Root 90mg, Turmeric Rhizome 60mg, Alpha-Lipoic Acid 50mg, Rutin 30mg, Devil’s Claw Root Extract 30mg
The Systemic Enzyme Blend consists of: 750mg, Protease AM 225AP, Bromelain 6,000,000FCCPU, Protease 6.0/60,000HUT, Alkaline Protease 12,000USP
Papain 1,500,000FCCPU

These carefully measured, combined ingredients have proven to be the best all natural supplement to aid the body with reducing inflammation and the pain associated.
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Why Research and Planning is Very Important For Success Comparable to Paul Herdsman

While many entrepreneurs often find themselves with the trial and error phase of work. However, a lot of the time could be cut short with a lot of research being done in the beginning. When doing research, it is important to put a lot of things into consideration. For instance, one of the factors to be looked at is the market and the future of the market. For instance, methods for success with online marketing tend to change after a while. At one point, marketing with the use of articles was one good way to succeed online. Then the search engines made changes that reduced the effectiveness of article marketing.

These days the best ways for people to succeed in ways that are similar to Paul Herdsman involve social media. After all, social media is one of the most respected sites by search engines in that it provides people with interaction. People use social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter for many different purposes which include interacting with one another. Social media is a lot like the outside world in that there are communities. At the same time, there are people that are the life of the party. They have the creativity and the courage to build an audience.

One of the interesting aspects of success that people like Paul Herdsman realize is that this is only the beginning. The business has to go through different phases in order to keep the success going. For instance, people are going to need to always research the markets so that they can keep on top of the trends. This is so that they can keep everything in good marketing condition. It also depends on what is sold and used for marketing such as intellectual property. In some cases, mere interaction is good enough for success.

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Vinod Gupta School Held to High Degree of Excellence

Higher education is so valuable in today’s world and so widely talked about, it’s difficult to comprehend that not everyone has the same opportunities from the start. One example of this is Vinod Gupta, a man born into humble beginnings who through hard work and dedication was able to establish the Business School at IIT Kharagpur. His school was recently ranked number seven by the National Institutional Ranking Framework that releases early rankings for higher education in India.
The ranks are determined by a range of parameters that were develop by the Government of India through their Ministry of Human Resource Development. The school was ranked number seven using these parameters and like many, has a focused area of study. Namely Management and has proven it’s a true testament to using a well-rounded education system to help its students to succeed.
Vinod is a prime example of how hard work and continued excellence can lead to success if a person is dedicated enough to overcome the trials that lay ahead of him. He was born in a village located one hundred miles north of New Dehli that had no running water or electricity. Despite these odds, he was able to get a high school degree and majored in agricultural engineering, earning his B. Tech degree in 1967.
His family helped him to reach new heights by borrowing money so he could buy a plane ticket to Nebraska where he continued his studies for the next several years. This eventually lead to him earning his Masters degree in Business Administration in 1971 and afterwards he continued to work hard until he opened his school in 1993. When Vinod arrived in Nebraska he only had a suitcase of clothes and $58 to his name, but otherwise was able to reach the success he knows today.

Protect Your Child from Sex Abuse with the Help of Jeff Herman

Talk to your child. Make sure to use age-appropriate language and vocabulary so they comprehend what you telling them.  You are explaining things such as private area. Tell them they have the right to tell anyone they feel uncomfortable with or who touches them in the wrong area to stop it.
Give them examples of you mean by a child predator and inappropriate touching. Make sure they understand that people in their lives and peer group may try to harm them. Inform them that trusted people like family friends, relatives and professionals like police and teachers can also try to harm them.
Those are the things you must do to prevent a child predator from abusing your child. You also must recognize the signs of a child being sexually abused.
Jeff Herman is an Advocate and Attorney Dedicated to Getting Financial Justice for Abuse Victims.
The tips to prevent a child predator from abusing your child comes from Attorney Jeff Herman. He has years of experience representing clients who were sexually abused as children. For instance, in 2011, he successfully tried a civil suit against a priest accused of sexually abusing his client. Jeff Herman’s client was awarded $100,000 dollars. He has also uncovered his shares of sex abuse scandals.
In addition to working to help those harmed by a child predator, Jeff Herman has created a list of child abuse signs. These signs of child abuse will alert you to whether your child or another child is being sexually abused.
For instance, their behavior undergoes a drastic change like hurting themselves. Another sign is regression. They revert to being younger. This may manifest in sucking their thumb sucking and wetting the bed.
The last thing to watch out for is sudden changes in behavior. This is different behavior includes compulsive masturbation and acting out sexually.
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Adapt and Rise to the Occasion — Jose Hawilla

Adaptability is the ability to alter yourself with your setting. Entrepreneurs should be pliable in all things. Each scenario is completely different. The power to maneuver, regardless of where you’re located or what form of conditions you face, can serve you well as a businessperson. This ability is built through a process of trial and error. Adaptability is formed from the raw material of failure. You grow from the mixture of each lesson, and you find out how to achieve. You may learn more about what it means to be pliable as your career grows. You’ll be able to be the most effective businessperson within the world, if you can master the skill of adaptability. Check out for more.




Entrepreneurs should be able to become what the instance calls for them to be. Jose Hawilla has had to face several opportunities to adapt in his career. He has learned the way to adapt with the market and alter his ways with the ever-changing demand. Several entrepreneurs can face the requirement to adapt. In order to repeatedly adapt, you want to bear in mind 3 things. First, each scenario is completely different. Individuals evolve and alter with the days. Also, the demand for your product or service is subject to the needs of individuals. Next, learn your audience. By learning about your audience, you develop the keen knowledge of when to react and adapt. You may defeat your competition and maintain your crowd if you recognize market conditions and react accordingly. Finally, learn from your mistakes and failures. By remembering your past failures, you gain knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. These 3 things can take you the extra mile in your entrepreneurial journey.


Jose Hawilla started his career in journalism. He engaged in radio and tv. This is where he learned how to read the conditions of the market. By holding onto these lessons, he was able to translate them into football and marketing. He was prepared for the market before the market modified. Jose Hawilla was able to adapt before the requirement to adapt arose. He has been a successful entrepreneur because he has maintained his ability to adapt.

Fighting Inflation Can Be Easier With Coins From U.S.Money Reserve

Many people hear the word inflation and have no idea what that word even means. What people fail to see is the whole picture. For example, inflation impacts everything around us. It impacts the cost of gas, oil, food we eat, our rent and taxes. It impacts anything that touches our lifestyle and there isn’t much we can do but embrace the change and prepare for inflation as best we can.


One company is helping the world to face the economic changes with ease. That company is U.S. Money Reserve. This is a global leader in the field of precious metals. They specialize in government issued coins and collectables. All of these items are made from gold, silver and platinum. You might not know it but the value of precious metals is one on the items that continues to rise regardless of the state of the economy or inflation in many cases. This is because there is only so much gold, silver and platinum to go around. These metals are not something that can be made in a lab or manufactured, there is a set amount and that is it. It really is that simple and U.S. Money Reserve understands all there is to know about using this to your advantage.


U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the area of buying and selling as well as collecting valuable coins and collectables made from gold, silver and platinum. In the case of inflation, a buyer often has less buying power but, in times of a great economy where inflation is down, they tides turn. In the case of collecting things like gold, silver and platinum it is always a buyers market. IF you know what to look for and where to find it, you can always get a great deal and you have the choice to buy, sell or hold your collection. Don’t think of this situation as investing because it is not. You want to think about it in terms of collecting a set group of items, in this case coins made of gold, silver or platinum and having the option to use them in any way you want.


The company U.S. Money Reserve has been keeping up with the times and has a new website that makes it easy to buy collectable coins. You simply go to the website and have a look around. When you find an item and you are ready to purchase it, you do so. U.S. Money Reserve will ship the items you order directly to your house or office. In fact, they will ship the items anywhere you want them. They are yours to do with as you want. Many collectors like to share their collections with others by housing them in a display case or out in the open. Other people like to put the coins in a safe and only take them out on special occasions. It really depends on what your goal is as a collector. Regardless of what your intention is, you will have an amazing time with the collectables from U.S. Money Reserve.

Leadership Goals Of End Citizens United

Political action committees have a significant influence on the election cycle in the United States political system. End Citizens United is one of the most impressive political action committees in the country. It is only made more impressive by the fact that it has been founded solely utilizing grassroots campaigning methods.

This political action committee was first organized as a result of a Supreme Court decision which was made in 2010. In the court case of Citizens United versus Federal election commission, Supreme Court ruled that corporations were entitled to the same legal rights as individuals. This decision has led to a proliferation of deep-pocketed political campaign donors. People across the nation have risen up against this decision as they feel that it has increased to the effects and influence of billionaires and corporations in the political system.


Tiffany Muller is the current president and executive director of End Citizens United. Thanks to her efforts during the first election cycle but the political action committee was able to take part in it was able to grow significantly. From its inception, the organization has become comprised of greater than 3 million individuals and has managed to raise $25 million during its first election cycle. Utilize these funds in order to help endorse 15 members of Congress who were successfully elected. Two of the most prominent members of Congress who were elected or well known as champions of campaign-finance reform. They are Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Sen. Catherine Cortez of Nevada. Tiffany Muller has stated that End Citizens United will continue to endorse members of Congress that will run in opposition to the so-called big money 20.

The big money 20 our members who are currently holding positions of power in the United States political system that are in support of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United versus Federal election commission. By supporting members who will run in opposition, she hopes to help eliminate the influence of big money in politics. End Citizens United plans to raise $35 million through grassroots campaigning efforts to help assist in the 2018 midterm election cycle. All of the funds that have been raised through these grassroots campaigning methods have been submitted to the Federal election commission for the purpose of auditing. This has maintained the organizations commitment to full transparency and accountability of their political contributions. Tiffany Muller hopes to help heal the nation by leaving it to reform its campaign finance laws.


Prominent Banker Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the previous vice president of the Bradesco Providencia e Seguros SA a large financial institution located in Brazil. He has also served as the CEO and executive vice president of the bank. He attended the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics and received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, sciences, languages, and arts. He has been succeeded by Octavio De Lazari Junior who became the new vice president of the bank and president of Bradesco Seguros. He was nominated by the Succession and Appointment Committee of the Organization.

Since 1969, Mr. Cappi has held many positions in banking including serving as the managing director for Banco Bradesco and the president for Bradesco Vida e Providencia. He also served as the president of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. He has served as the internal director of Banco Bradesco and the non-executive director of Banco Espirito Santo SA. He was a chairman and director at Odontoprev S.A. and president of the National Association for Private Pensions Plans. He was on the managing board for the Brazilian Association and the Brazilian Association of listed companies.


The Bradesco Seguros has $1.3 trillion in assets and a credit portfolio of $493 billion. They are the second largest bank in Brazil and has partnered with HSBC. Mr. Lazari replaced Mr. Cappi because of the age limit regulations for the position. He is looking forward to strengthening Brazil’s financial reputation. When Brandao, a member of the bank’s board resigned the decision had begun being considered to replace Mr. Cappi.

The Bradesco Seguros is located in Rio de Janerio and was founded in 2004. They have 346 offices and employee 34,000 brokers and have 3,600 branches for customer service. They provide insurance services and have millions of customers. Their auto insurance protects over 1.4 million vehicles and covers more than1.5 million homes. They care about water, energy and waste management and contribute to preserving the environment. They provide health, dental plans, and retirements plans. They also offer hedge fund and trading advice as well as investment options to clients according to

In addition, to providing insurance Bradesco Seguros provides exceptional business advice to customers. They offer over 40 thousand plans designed to fit each person needs. They are involved in real estate and have a portfolio of over 750 properties. They manage, lease and acquire a diverse range of properties including corporate buildings, administrative offices, and retail developments. They offer mediservice which provides several health plans to large corporations. This plan includes a vast array of services that include clinics, hospitals, laboratories and emergency rooms. They offer dental plans that cover visits to dentists offices and clinics and cover approximately 6.4 people. They provide this service to small and large business within many industries. They also provide multipension funds and provide these services to sponsoring companies in Brazil.

Furthermore, Mr. Cappi has contributed to the growth of Bradesco Seguros. He will continue to provide his expertise as the CEO of the bank.

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The Efforts of Securus Technology in Improving the Conditions of Prisons

Securus Technology is one of the companies that have played a substantial role in the correctional industry in handling the matters related to the transformation of the prisons. The company has set its capital located in the city of Dallas. The management of the organization has demonstrated its abilities in steering the company to the right point in the correctional industry. All the objectives of the Securus Technology are set by the team of experts. The necessary measures to propel the company to the desired niche through goals achievements have all been put in place. Securus Technology has a unique platform that has enabled the inmates to communicate with their relatives regardless of the position they are holding in the society. Prisoners can access the means of communicating with the family members and their friend any time by the use of the Securus Technology platform. The team of management have placed all the matters and expanded the company. It can now hold the employees up to 1000 who rea well- trained at different levels. The commitment of the leaders at the Securus Technology has stretched the limits of the company, and its operation has been seen in 45 different states across the world. The company has implanted its platform in more than 2600 correctional facilities to boost the condition of the prisons. The leadership of the Securus Technology has an excellent culture of coordination of the information between different departments in the organization that has enhanced the company to flow along the line of expectation. All the assets of the company are patented to make its operation outstanding from the rest of the correctional companies working in the same circle.

Securus Technology with its excellent move has achieved a lot within the right time limit. It has created a close atmosphere between the prisoners and their families. The step by the firm has attracted positive reviews across the globe regarding the transformation in the prisons. The factor that has boosted the Securus Technology goals achievements is the support from the humanitarian bodies from all corners of the world.

The agenda that have been ingrained in the mission of the Securus Technology is the teamwork among the members. The move has enabled a strong cohesion and sharing of the concept among the workers for the benefit of the company. The adoption of the current mode of technology in steering the functions of the firm has boosted the level of the various overcoming challenges in the field. The primary efforts of the Securus Technology are to combat the matters related to the discrimination of the inmates. Multiple units have become direct beneficiaries of the efforts of the Securus Technology. For instance the law enforcement units in taming the sensitive information that affects the community. Securus Technology has made it easier the management of the cell phone by the use of the Wireless Containment Solution.