The Tower Is Building A Tower

In the greater New York Metro area, we experience all seasons. There is nothing nicer than pulling your car into your garage, during a snowstorm, and going directly into your home to get warm and comfortable. What is even nicer is parking your car in the parking garage of your high-rise development where you live, heading inside and stopping at the business center to finish up a little work, sitting in the library for a few minutes to get warm and perhaps socialize with other residents, and then heading to your apartment or condominium. In inclement weather, it is so enjoyable to know that you can get a great workout without having to leave your building in a state-of-the-art, on-premise fitness center. New Jersey residents know that if Boriae Development is involved in building a high-rise in their neighborhood, that these are exactly the type of amenities they can expect.


According to Patch, Boriae has been developing properties in New Jersey for quite some time. Never afraid to go into areas and buildings that time has forgotten about, they somewhat magically take a blemish and make it a gem. Recently they have joined Shaquille O’Neal, the famed basketball star, on a project to develop a high-rise in Newark. This is Mr. O’Neal’s hometown and what a gracious gesture on his part, to go back to this area that is still disproportionately marked by blight, and offer support and hope for the people of this city.


Socioeconomically speaking, just because people are not wealthy does not somehow mean they are bad. Our cities in the United States have always been about newcomers and those that risen to greater heights. Seeing investment in a community where you live, and where seeing development of industrial war-torn buildings is becoming a reality, it gives residents hope for the future and something to aspire to.


The “Shaq Tower” will be the first bit of interest shown in nearly 5 decades in making Newark better by forever altering the skyline. What’s more is the local population will really take special interest in what he is doing because it will carry an element of personal concern for them, coming directly from one of their own who has made it. Mr. O’Neal and Boriae Development are doing something great for New Jersey, for the people of Newark and for those hardworking individuals who don’t mind a short train ride to their new home in New Jersey. Manhattan remains prohibitively expensive, and if given an alternative that is within walking distance of the Path station, and where savings might be had, a lot of people will welcome that option. You can visit



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How the vision of Jeffrey Aronin Is Curing The World

Entrepreneur,Jeffrey Aronin is the chief of Paragon Biosciences. They invest in firms that find cures to mostly neglected disease. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Northern University of Illinois along with a degree in Masters of Business Administration from DePaul University. He then decided to persue his career in the health care industry.(chronicleweek)


He founded Ovation Pharma LLC in 2000. His belief in treating patients with rare diseases led to the formation of principles on which his company stood on. On his 9th successful year, Lundbeck, a Danish healthcare Conglomerate acquired Ovation Pharma. Jeffrey Aronin was retained as the CEO to lead the company considering the major milestones he achieved over the years.


Following a smooth transition, Jeffrey developed strong intentions on building a platform for investing in medium scale biotech companies that showed immense potential. The reason was to push them towards the research and development of rare medical issues faced by millions. This was the beginning of a new phase in his life, Paragon Biosciences.


The positive outcomes gained the interest of investors and numerous talented people from the scientific community. The correct blend of science and investment in accordance to the principles that brought this company to life, Paragon is headed towards launching growing biotech companies towards developing cure for peculiar medical complexities. The subsidiaries of Paragon are Castle Creek Pharma and Harmony Biosciences, both having an immense positive effect in the society. Castle Creek is the place where innovation and research on lesser know genetic dermatology conditions take place. On the other hand, Harmony Biosciences focuses on malfunctions related to the nervous system like narcolepsy,etc. Another accomplishment by Mr. Aronin is when he came up with MATTER, an healthcare incubator supporting more than 200 companies committed to bringing treatments to the masses.


Keeping aside his investments and research, he believes in giving back to the society, the same society he has been working for his whole life. He is an important personality for the Chicago healthcare ecosystem. Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, appointed him as a board member of World Business Chicago. The purpose of World business Chicago is to bridge the gap between cities and healthcare companies which in turn increases job opportunities.


Twenty Years of Innovation and Services by Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a privately owned financial firm which was founded in 1998. Since its formation as an equity firm, the company has always been a trendsetter in many investment portfolios. The firm got its first popularity in 2007 when it was highlighted as the first big private financial institution to be publicised on IPO by New York Stock Exchange.

How the firm is diversified

Since its establishment, Fortress Investment Group has diversified its wings globally, being ranked as one of the biggest financial management institutions. The company directs more than 43 billion dollars of money for more than 1750 entrepreneurs in the private equity, hedge funds, and capital vehicles. The company’s strategy includes one among the extreme risk adjustment returns for long-term investors. The company has its headquarters based out of New York with employments offered to more than 900 people.

Its new developments

In line with their service management, Fortress Investment came up with new robust development tools for the extraction of valued investments made by the firm. In its twenty years of existence in the corporate world, the company has developed more expertise in the management of mergers and various acquisitions. Its workforce has a good relationship with multiple executives from different corporations and management professionals. This kind of experiences put Fortress Investment to the higher rank as one of the specialist firms controlling the capital market. The long and successful track record of the company in the management of portfolio has offered it great deals in the institutional knowledge that concern many different industries.

Fortress Investment Group in partnership with Wes Edens

Commuting between Fort Lauderdale and Miami has always been hectic and frustrating, inducing drive in Florida. Fortunately, Brightline train by Fortress Investment Group’s executive, Wes Edens will now provide alternatives for travellers within South Florida towns with complimentary Wi-Fi, USB ports and power outlets. Food services are also available inside the trains. Fortress Investment Group has plans to also implement this kind of rail services in other cities within the United States. Brightline has set its accomplishments including plans, which are expected to take effect and will also help in increasing the real estate’s prices in various locations served by the railway stations. As the train services become more popular among commuters, options of residential will also be attractive within the connected cities.

Infinity Group Australia Leads The Way In Australian Debt Reduction For Families

Infinity Group Australia is a financial services firm headquartered in Bella Vista, Australia. This company’s co-founders, Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker, were very pleased when the Australian Financial Review chose their company as one of the most innovative businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian Financial Review has been the acknowledged authority on business, financial, and investment matters in Australia for the past 50 years.

Having been founded in 2013, Infinity Group Australia is one of Australia’s quickest growing companies that helps people pay off their debt and attain financial freedom. Their innovative approach to helping people led to their being named on the Most Innovative Companies 2018 list. The Australian Financial Review brings in a consulting firm called Inventium to decide which companies have earned the right to be named on this list. They use a range of criteria such as how well a company’s products and services work in the real world and whether they really do address the problem they are trying to solve. A companies culture is also judged in regards to how much it encourages innovation plus what strategies the business uses to achieve its goals.

Graeme Holm had been in the financial industry for 15 years before he co-founded Infinity Group Australia. He said that his exposure to the industry showed him that the big banks of Australia want to trap people in a cycle of debt they can never get out of. This is particularly true when it comes to mortgage debt. He came up with the concept of a business that would act as a personal trainer for its customers when it comes to their finances.

He says that he spent half a year refining the concept of Infinity Group Australia before launching it. He said that what Australian families need is a partner who will provide ongoing support and guidance when it comes to how they spend money and get rid of their debt. Each personal banker at this company is dedicated to helping people pay off their outstanding loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The approach that Infinity Group Australia takes has been shown to work. Every single client of this company has been able to pay off more debt in their first three years in this program than they had achieved in the entire year before. The average client of this company has been able to reduce their debt by $41,000 in the first year. Learn more :

How OSI Food Solutions Expanded In The Course Of A Century

OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909, starting out as a butcher shop opened by Otto Kolschowsky, a member of the then-growing German community in Chicago, Illinois. The city was a center of industry, and it provided a good opportunity for immigrants to establish farms. Kolschowsky opened his small retail meat market after only 2 years of being in the United States, and managed to make his business grow throughout the first decade.

Later down the line, the business was passed over to Kolschowsky sons, Arthur and Harry, who entered into an agreement with Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s was just starting out, having its first restaurant opened in 1955, and had OSI Food Solutions as its first supplier of ground beef. As McDonald’s continued to expand, so did the business of OSI. The partnership between the two small businesses turned into a massive success and provided a platform for both companies to grow and develop.

As the company grew, OSI Food Solutions ventured into different sectors within the food industry. Their expansion continues to this day, more than a century later, being one of the largest companies in the U.S. and having sales of $6.1 billion. They were part of Forbes’ 2016 list, ranked at number 58 in the list of largest private companies.

In 2016 their UK center earned the Globe of Honour Award, a prestigious recognition from the British Safety Council as a result of their attention to detail when managing environmental risks. In order to win the award, OSI Food Solutions achieved five stars in the council’s environmental management audit scheme, which is the maximum amount possible. The company’s U.K. branch has been operating ever since 1989, and in the past has won the Globe of Honour twice, in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

As a result of their dramatic global growth, OSI Food Solutions is currently one of the biggest food providers on the planet. This was achieved through a series of strategic expansions in the late 1980s and early 1990s in countries like Brazil, Austria, as well as Mexico, Hungary and Poland. From a small butcher shop, the small business turned into a multi-national corporation, with 65 facilities in 17 countries, and approximately 20,000 employees. Their dedication to offering a high-quality and consistent products ensured the satisfaction of their customers throughout the globe, the company being expected to experience further growth in the following years.

PSI Pay And Western Union Become Partners

PSI Pay is one of the most advanced payment systems in the world that works with prepaid cards. The company has grown exponentially over the past few years because their prepaid cards offer the same service as a traditional bank. Young Europeans have turned away from traditional banks because they want to have more versatility, more buying power, and pay less in fees every month. Look at what the partnership between Western Union and PSI Pay can do for the young person who wants to protect their money.


  1. Who Is PSI Pay?


PSI Pay is a company that started out with prepaid cards for young people who could not or would not get bank accounts. The PSI Pay brand has grown over time because of their popularity with young people, and they are branching out to work with other companies as needed. There are many people who have turned to PSI Pay, but they need more help using international money transfer services.


  1. Western Union


The partnership with Western Union is one that allows people to accept money transfers from anywhere in the world. Western Union has been lauded over the last century for the way that they handle money orders and transfers. They were once available only to traditional banks, but they have changed their business model to help people with prepaid cards to receive money. PSI Pay now takes transfers from Western Union, and that increases buying power for PSI Pay customers.


  1. Who Uses PSI Pay?


PSI Pay was set up for young people who were not interested in working with regular banks. They thought that they could attract more customers by offering prepaid cards, and they have created a system that allows people to put money on their cards at any time. They start their customers with a card that can be used at any time, and they do not charge extra money for customers to manage their money. Partnering with Western Union makes it easier for their customers who are getting money from friends and loved ones across the globe.


  1. Conclusion


Western Union is a good partner for PSI Pay, and there are a lot of people who can start using PSI Pay because they now have the security of being able to work with Western Union. This is a cheaper way to manage money, and it saves people money every day as they make purchases.

How Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Took DJing to the Next Level

The Chainsmokers, an electronic dance DJ duo from New York, have come to be one of the most popular musical groups in America. With five top 10 Billboard hits, The Chainsmokers are known to everyone who listens to pop radio. Although basically unknown just a few years ago, they were then at the forefront of changing electronic dance music and what it means to be DJs. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall both started out being DJ’s when they were young and just enjoyed the music, but their passion for it soon became the focus of both their lives. As soon as they met they knew that they were meant to work together and create something unique and new and that is exactly what they have done.

DJing is not a new artform, first started in the late 1940’s, modern DJing typically involves mixing continuous electronic dance music for large parties. DJs engineer mixes of popular songs with original electronic music to create new sounds and songs. They do not usually write and perform songs in the traditional way that most popular artists do. Enter The Chainsmokers. With the their hit single “Closer”, released July of 2016, Taggart and Pall changed what it meant to be modern DJs. By writing a song about their own life experience and featuring Taggart on vocals, they made two choices that were very unusual for DJs. Clearly their unusual choices have paid off, they have since released a number of songs featuring heartfelt lyrics and their own vocals, such as “You Owe Me” which has had over 48 million views on YouTube and “Sick Boy” which has had nearly 214 millions views. Their decision to branch out may have seemed risky at the time, but they are working to move electronic music to a more personal level and have, so far, been successful.

Their success has made it possible for them to branch out even more in their music and also in their personal lives. Pall used some of his success to buy a Hollywood Hills home which he recently had the chance to show off in the Wall Street Journal. With the help of interior decorator, Peti Lau, Pall has designed an interior for his home that truly reflects his eclectic style. From the trippy pillows and orange couch in the living room to the neon sign in the kitchen, every room shows that Pall is not afraid to mix things that may not traditionally go together to create new and unique works of art, both in his music and his home.

The Chainsmokers have a unique take on what it means to be DJs; they have taken their art to a new level and do not seem to be backing down. By pushing the boundaries on their sound they have created music that is lyrically and musically moving, a combination not often found in electronic music. As they continue to work on and evolve their music, it will be interesting to see what risks they take next.

The Chainsmokers: Making Music for a Living

The Chainsmokers are a well-known DJ duo from New York comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. The two met through a mutual friend, band manager Adam Alpert, when Pall was looking for an experienced DJ for his two-person band. Pall and Taggart hit it off quickly and had a deep, easy chemistry between them. Taggart left his native Maine for New York, where Pall already lived, and after the two quit their day jobs they began to rehearse their technique and style like a full-time job. When they opened for Timeflies in September of 2014 at Terminal 5 they had already had over a year of practice spinning together, perfecting their synergy and sound.

Their first two releases were well-received EPs entitled “Bouquet” and “Collage”, respectively. In 2017 they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” The album was a success, hitting #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and Dance/Electronic charts at the same time. “Memories” has been hovering around the #1 spot ever since, tied with the Gorillaz “Demon Days” for the third most non-consecutive weeks at #1 on the Dance/Electronic chart. With the staying power demonstrated by “Memories” it may end up surpassing “Demon Days” in the near future, if it hasn’t already.

The Chainsmokers put out another EP, “Sick Boy”, after “Memories.” They semi-recently announced another full length album in the works. The untitled record will likely come out in late 2018 or early 2019.

In between EP and LP releases the Chainsmokers put out a bevy of singles on their website, free for their fans. They like to experiment with other genres of music and often come up with songs they like but that don’t fit any album or EP project they have going. These singles not only show people that they are still regularly working on music, and keeps the band in the public eye even when they disappear into the studio. The Chainsmokers are big fans of collaborating with other musicians, such as DJ Tiesto and singer Halsey. They tour the country regularly when they aren’t recording.

Nevo: The Alternative Choice To Other Energy Drinks

There are plenty of energy drinks out there on the market, but many of us have heard about the dangers that they potentially pose to our health at this point. This has turned plenty of us away from drinking them at all. We do not like the idea of our caffeine jolt in the morning costing us in other ways that we did not anticipate.

Jeunesse Global has emerged as a new player in the energy drink market despite being a health and beauty company primarily. They decided that in reality they could do a better job making an energy drink than even the companies that have been doing it for some time. It was a bold move by Jeunesse to be sure, but it seems to have paid off in spades at the moment.

The product that Jeunesse Global introduced the world to was something called Nevo. It is their answer to energy drinks. It still packs a powerful caffeine punch, but it does not have the artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients that other energy drinks have. Rather, Nevo is an all-natural alternative to the energy drinks that you pick up at your local store. You can count on it to help get you through the day, but it does not contribute all of those extra things that you definitely don’t want in your beverage.

All in all, Nevo is the kind of thing that we wish all companies would put out there. It has just what we want in it without making us have any kind of regrets later on. That is important, particularly to those who may be on a diet or facing some other kind of food restrictions. They may still want to indulge in an energy drink every now and then. That is perfectly fine so long as they consider using Nevo as their drink of choice.

Look at the difference between this energy drink and the others out there and see if you don’t decide to make the change to this drink as well. You probably will want to after you compare the two side by side.

Sujit Choudhry Constitution Expert

Sujit Choudhry is an enigma when it comes to matters dealing with the constitutional interpretation of the laws across the globe. Sujit Choudhry is recognized globally due to the authority and understanding of the comparative constitutional law as well as politics. As a result of his knowledge and interpretation of the legal aspects, he has spoken in over 30 countries where he has provided in-depth field experience as an advisor in the constitution-making processes. Some of a few Countries where Sujit Choudhry has offered his expertise in constitution development include Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine among others. Sujit Choudhry expertise and competence in issues related to the constitution is attributed to his academic qualifications. Sujit is a holder of a law degree from Oxford, Toronto as well as Harvard. Before becoming a freelance consultant, he served as law clerk in the office of Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, read (

On top of being an advisor on governance, constitution building and the rule of law for more over two decades, he has also been involved in another broad context such as negotiating ceasefires and political violence in countries. Sujit Choudhry has in-depth experience in tackling aspects such as facilitating public dialogue sessions, multiparty dialogues, leading stakeholders’ consultations and performing detailed advisory work for his clients and lastly training civil servants on good governance. Currently, Choudhry is directly involved in educating the public on the interpretation of the constitution, know more on ( Thus he is the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The primary objective of the organization is to mobilize knowledge for supporting the constitution building across the globe.

Despite being busy advising the governments and other organizations, Sujit Choudhry takes time to voice his opinion on the day to day issues affecting the constitutions of different countries, have a peek on for updates. For instance, he is a staunch critic of the governments that do not respect the civil rights of the public. However, he is also quick to acknowledge governments when they act within their constitution mandates. For instance, on the Tunisian anti-terrorism law, he was quick to point out the importance of balancing between security and freedoms. During the common Arab Spring, he was able to establish on the various constitution component necessary to fast-track the rebuilding of countries affected, more info on