Both Consumers and Distributors Benefit From Organo Gold’s Coffee Blends

If you are at all interested in the world of alternative coffees, then you will likely find many things about Organo Gold impressive. This company is looking to compete with the biggest brands, and it is finding success with a unique business model involving the use of independent distributors in dozens of different nations. In addition to its well-received coffee blends, Organo Gold is also producing high-quality teas. Cafe Mocha, Green Tea, Red Tea, Cafe Supreme and Gourmet Black Coffee are just a few examples of Organo’s most popular offerings.

What makes Organo Gold unique is its special, proprietary blend. This includes a powerful and healthy ingredient called ganoderma lucidium. One of the biggest benefits of this ingredient is that it supports the consumer’s immune system with great efficiency. There are other health benefits to this special coffee blend as well, but that is the one that stands out the most. If you are on the search for a new specialty blend of coffee to try out, and particularly one that boasts numerous health benefits, then it would make perfect to try out Organo Gold in the very near future in order to fully experience its many benefits.

Although there is obviously much competition in the coffee sector, Organo Gold is looking to make a big impact globally, and the company is already working with international distributors all around the globe in an effort to reach that goal. In short, Organo offers a delicious, healthy blend to its final consumers and a unique financial opportunity to potential distributors. With such a strong and mutually beneficial business model, it is likely that this company will rise to even higher peaks of success in the coming few years.

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What You Need To Know About Wen By Chaz Hair Care

Wen Hair Care’s cleaning line is claimed to offer almost every type of hair with the nutrient and hydration needed to make it shine and maintain its health. Wen is a line of 5-in-1 cleaning conditioners created by the Los Angeles-based designer, Chaz Dean to fight the long-lasting impact of the body’s shampoo. Unlike shop-bought shampoo, which can contain raw substances and sulfates, WEN says that he takes a more complete focus on the treatment of his scalp by enabling your scalp to preserve natural oils.


Chaz Dean has released Wen, a range of hair care products designed to clean and condition without a rough color to create a natural, healthy look. Robinson bought the Wen cleaning system from QVC and charged more than 100 dollars for the hair care package.


Anyone who has a channel surf at 3 a.m. and has seen the famous hairdresser Chaz works his magic on Brooke Shields and Milano knows the beauty of Wen. However, just as many 5-star Wen enthusiasts say that the product has been the most beautiful of their hair; and 5-star reviews have repeatedly ranked Wen number one under the care of their hair on and Amazon.


Chaz Dean’s ad says that 5 issues are solved with a single product – the cleaning system. Your hair texture is NOTHING like the models on your ad for Wen. Chaz Dean also presses other hair-related items such as the anti-curly cream, the mousse, and the deep conditioner.


Wen also carried out an awareness of the Risk Assessment of the Skin, in which their scientists collected information from the industry of cosmetic commerce and consumer protection groups to assess the sensitivity of the individual components of the household’s cleaning systems. Scientists subject to 60 and 185 degree C temperature (in order to falsify the application of a hairdryer and iron hair straightener, respectively) to assess the chemicals of the passenger product.

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Krishen Iyer: A Specialist in Lead Generation in the Healthcare Industry

Email is increasingly becoming a ubiquitous tool in the corporate sector with more companies investing in new ideas such as MailChimp to explore its full potential as a communication tool. While other industries have embraced the use of emails as platforms for communication and marketing, the healthcare industry seems too reluctant to follow suit. However, marketing campaigns and lead generation specialist Krishen Iyer believes that the industry can enjoy a wide array of benefits from using emails in their marketing campaigns.




According to Mr. Iyer, a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as Managed Benefits Services’ CEO, emails can help medical practitioners incorporate a customer-first marketing model that is more targeted and is favored by many patients. Emails are low-cost marketing platforms that can effectively use data in marketing campaigns. Customers stand a better chance of gaining access to more information using emails compared to other communication and marketing tools. However, to enjoy the full benefits of email marketing as Krishen Iyer has achieved in his entrepreneurial undertakings, there is a need to invest in technology that will increase the effectiveness of email marketing. Organizations that can’t afford the cost of such supporting technologies can curate their websites in a manner that can entice patients to seek email feedback. Companies can also include coupons to appeal to more customers.


Krishen Iyer’s Professional Background


Krishen Iyer is a serial investor who has founded several companies in addition to Managed Benefits Services. An alumnus of San Diego State University where he studied for public administration degree, Mr. Iyer is also the founder of MNP Insurance. He has also ventured in the real estate industry through his company, Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Under his visionary leadership, Managed Benefits Services has grown into one of the leading companies in America’s insurance and marketing industries. The company relies on market research and analytical tools to develop creative and innovative marketing campaigns for its clients.

Betsy DeVos Has An Uphill Battle For Education Reform

Betsy DeVos didn’t become a household name in American politics until President Donald Trump nominated her to become the Secretary of Education. The position, Secretary of Education, is at the head of the Department of Education and it is widely considered to be the most important educational position in the entire United States of America. The title itself is hefty enough much less the expectations that come with it. Still, Betsy DeVos received the full support of President Trump and the entire GOP so that makes her someone worth getting to know. Let’s learn about Betsy DeVos as well as her advocacy for education reform and how she plans to enact it in the partisan political world that we are living in.


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. as an outsider, that is true, but it comes after spending years of hard work as a private citizen in order to make education reform a possibility at the state level. Raised in Michigan and born in the town of Holland, Betsy DeVos grew up knowing that she was a reformer and that expectations were high for her. Still, what guided her ambition to reform education were not expectations for herself, but expectations for bettering the community around her. Betsy DeVos has been championing school choice for over 30 years and her work and effort has been directly contributing to the growth of the concept in conservative circles around the country.


If you were to talk to Betsy DeVos about the importance of her work and the ability of school choice to actually catch on on a national level, you’d find that she is more optimistic than ever. Not only has she chaired several educational foundations, including Kids Hope USA and the Foundation For Excellence in Education, she has also worked directly with facilities throughout the country on school choice as a platform. Right now, 17 different states have enacted school choice policy so that 33 total institutions can offer school choice programs. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, more than a quarter of a million students are enrolled in school choice platforms. Still, with all of this success, there is a lot of work to do.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is going to have to hone in on what made her so successful at the state level as a private citizen and she is going to have to do it with the political world in complete upheaval. There was some concern that Betsy DeVos would have trouble acclimating to the partisan world of politics, but she’s managed to do just fine so far and she has even earned praise from people like Randi Weingarten who is a prominent union leader for teachers in the United States.


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Shervin Pishevar: Tweet Storm predictions turns out to be true

At the beginning of the year, Uber investor Shervin Pishevar engaged in a tweet storm that lasted 21 hours, cautioning investors about a coming financial crisis in the United States. He also cautioned investors about a massive drop in the bitcoin. He predicted that bitcoin would fall to the $2-5k range before any gains. Other predictions he made in the 50 tweet post included a steep correction in the stock market and volatility in the bond market that would be triggered by inflation.

Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of Hyperloop. He enjoys massive influence on social media. He used this space to give out his views about innovation in the tech industry, infrastructure growth in the US and even his thoughts on Space X project by Elon Musk. Months have passed since he made his predictions, and it is time to look at how his predictions turned out. Have we seen a drop in the stock market and dominance by huge tech companies?

Anyone who has been following Shervin Pishevar will agree that most of the predictions he made are holding up pretty well. The five Silicon Valley monopolies he talked about; Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet, have stood on the way of others to make progress. They are stifling other startups and expressing the same influence that was once held by AT&T before it was divided by the justice system to eliminate its monopoly.

Shervin Pishevar described the impact of these five companies as so huge that they are eliminating the chances of creating another Uber or Airbnb in the next one decade. He is urging the government to take similar measures as they did with AT&T for the sake of other startups. Pishevar sees monopolies as so strong that they have access to data that can suppress the growth of other businesses. Uber is the last giant to come out of Silicon Valley, and it might be the last unless something is done.

The events of the year so far have shown the damage that can be created by these companies. Facebook has been ridden with accusations of users’ data abuse, leading to CEO Mark Zuckerberg appearing on the Senate. Apart from that, the monopolies are buying out any good idea that is created by startups.

Nick Vertucci Takes Real Estate Investment a Notch Higher through Training

The idea of Nick Vertucci to join the real estate industry was the most transformational in his life. This was after he had been in the tech business for more than a decade before the industry was hit by the dot-com bubble that occurred in the year 2000. This was a blow to many investors in the technology industry, with no exception of Nick Vertucci. His business which he had operated since he left college became insolvent, and it started dawning to him that everything in this universe could end, and his company was one of those things that had abruptly come to an end. This was a massive blow to Nick as that was the only investment that he had done throughout his life, and phew! It was over in days.

The dot-com bubble left him in a state of financial constraints, and he began fearing that he would become a failure in life. This, however, changed when one day he was invited to attend some classes where he received some three-day training in the fundamentals of real estate investment. This sharpened Nick Vertucci, and he started viewing life from a more positive perspective. After the 3-day training, Nick joined the Real Estate Academy Industry, where he learned all the concepts that are required to succeed in the real estate business. This equipped him with the right expertise to venture into the business without the fear of failure, as most of the people in the past had tried and failed in the venture.

Nick Vertucci had no sufficient funds at the moment, and so he had to begin from scratch. He bought the worn-out buildings and rehabilitated them to become decent houses that he would rent and also sell to the other investors, who would also sell them to their clients. This business boomed immediately he started it, and a decade after the establishment, Nick had managed to pay off all the debts that he had accumulated with the financial lenders when he was in the tech business. He had turned into one of the most successful business people who had come from nobody to somebody in the real estate industry.

After accomplishing his dream of obtaining financial freedom, Nick Vertucci decided that he would share his knowledge and expertise with other people who would like to excel in the real estate industry. He established the NV Real Estate Academy, an institution that he uses to educate the real estate investment enthusiasts so that they can succeed in their ventures in the real estate industry.

Bumble And Whitney Wolfe See A Big 2018 Amidst Tinder Battle

Bumble has had a busy 2018 and they still have a lot of big things in the works. Earlier this year, CEO Whitney Wolfe announced that her company was working on making an IPO available. This is a huge step for the dating app that has a user base of more than 40 million people so far. Bumble was created as a dating app with a uniquely feminist twist, women are the ones starting the conversations. Many women turn away from traditional dating apps because of the high volume of inappropriate attention that they receive from men on a regular basis. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at

Bumble quickly expanded from focusing just on dating to helping women make the connections they need in business and friendship. Whitney Wolfe and the rest of the team at Bumble, who are mainly women, are familiar with the issues faced online by women and want to create a safe environment for their users that they empowered by using. Bumble is dedicated to keeping their environment safe and will not hesitate to ban users showing harassing behaviors.

It’s this intolerance of bad behavior that has possibly led to Whitney Wolfe and Bumble refusing to back down after accusations of trade secret theft by Match, the owner of Tinder. After Bumble refused to sell their company to Match twice, Match made claims that Bumble was essentially just a clone of their app Tinder. Whitney Wolfe vehemently denies these claims and believe they are just part of an effort to try to scare their competition.

In response, Bumble has stated that they are countersuing Match for any potential damages to their reputation that have been caused by their accusations. When this case first began, Whitney Wolfe was hoping that it could all just be easily settled outside of court, but it does not appear that this will be what occurs in this situation and Bumble is ready for the long battle. With the release of their initial public offering on the horizon, Bumble is working hard to protect their brand and assets from being exposed to frivolous and undeserved damages. Match claims that as of press time, they have yet to be served.

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How Nevo Provides Natural Energy

For many, the daily stresses of life can make anyone begin to feel worn down. This is known to have considerable effects on one’s mental and physical health. With that in mind, two successful entrepreneurs wanted to do something to make the world a healthier place. Considering that, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created Jeunesse Global to help people maintain a healthier body and mind. Ray and Lewis officially launched Jeunesse Global on September 9th, 2009.

Since this time, Jeunesse Global has created many popular products. One of the most popular products made by this company is their Nevo line of energy drinks. Throughout the course of a typical day, many people feel that they need more energy. Unfortunately, many energy drinks on the market are high-calorie beverages that are filled with artificial sweeteners and excessive amounts of caffeine.

Nevo contains 20% fruit juice and vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and C. These beverages also contain several other important and beneficial ingredients. The green tea found in Nevo helps the brain and body to stay healthy, containing large amounts of antioxidants. In order to keep your energized, Nevo also contains guarana. This ingredient is extremely well-known for its energizing effects.

It’s difficult to remain healthy without a strong immune system. Fortunately, Nevo also contains yerba mate which has been shown to strengthen the immune system while providing anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re in need of energy but want to make a healthier choice, check out Nevo. This energy drink only contains 50 calories per serving. In addition, Nevo is made with no artificial colors or sweeteners.

In closing, Jeunesse Global is a company creating products aiming to give their customers a healthier life. Nevo is a popular energy drink that was created by Jeunesse Global. It provides long-lasting energy, without the use of excessive caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Are Offering Customer-Based Treatment Programs

Customer-based service is attention to customer details that involves offering the just needed services. This includes providing the required goods or services at the request of the customers. The current trends in the industry highlight that most of the customers around the country always want to purchase services that are tailor-made to meet their specific needs. However, not all organizations around the world that are offering customized services. InnovaCare Healthcare facility is one of the most reliable medical facility in the industry that is providing personalized services in the industry. However, the organization cannot be able to offer this services without the support of its leader, Dr. Rick Shinto.


Dr. Rick Shinto has devised a strategy that helps the healthcare facility to offer customer-based services to the increasing number of patients in the country. The organization started providing these services after realizing that most of the medical facilities in the country were only interested in offering generalized services that did not meet the specific needs of particular patients in the state. Providing quality services to the patients mostly depends on whether one is offering customized services or not. Medical facilities that are offering customized services are highly preferred as they understand the illnesses that a particular individual is experiencing.


InnovaCare Health has been at the forefront of ensuring that personalized medical services meet the specific needs of a particular individual. Dr. Rick Shinto brought this medical package as he had a feeling that most of the individuals who are experiencing specific medical problems were finding it hard to solve their medical problems as they did not have anywhere to run to. Now, they have a specific medical facility that addresses the particular needs with the aim of offering a permanent solution. Other hospital facilities have been left with no option but to provide quality and customized services.  You can visit for ore details.



About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading medical services in the country that is changing the dynamics in the healthcare industry. The entity is has been very direct in its services with the sole aim of confronting the old healthcare system that incorporates old methods. The new medical facility is geared towards ensuring that it offers customized services that meet the needs of a particular patient. This helps the patients to access the services they need, some of which they cannot obtain in the mainstream healthcare facilities, which are owned by the government. To see more you can checkout




Talkspace Works With Michael Phelps To Advocate For Mental Health

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps wants the world to know that even famous athletes can suffer from mental illness. This is why he has teamed up with Talkspace to get the word out and encourage others to get the help that they need. Many people are too proud to try therapy, but Michael Phelps wants everyone to know that if it can help him, it might be able to help others who might be hesitant to give it a try. He explains that he had lost hope for life during a TV spot released during Mental Health Awareness Month.

When Michael Phelps realized that he had not left his room for almost a week, he knew that he needed to try to get some help. Services like Talkspace can help people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses from the comfort of their own home. His experiences have led him to be an advocate for mental health by showing that even the people that others see as the strongest sometimes need help. Depression is something that can affect anyone no matter what their background is.

Talkspace was created to help patients no matter where they are through their computer and mobile devices. Through the use of technology, patients no longer have to go into an office to speak to a licensed therapist. Headquartered in New York City, the company was founded in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank. Patients can communicate with their therapist through video chats, texting, and audio. They can choose whichever way makes them feel more comfortable. Just like with traditional therapy, counseling through Talkspace is completely confidential. An added bonus besides the convenience is that it is generally more affordable as well.

Many people see therapy as only for people who have experienced some deep, lasting trauma. Talkspace wants to let everyone know that mental health issues extend beyond trauma and can include everyday stressors that can be made easier to deal with by talking to someone. There will always be ups and downs in life even without a mental illness to worry about and many people just need to vent.

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