Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Setting Modern Makeup Trends On Global Level

It’s a pretty amazing story about a young girl born in Russia who liked all things fantastical. Doe Deere dreamed about unicorns, bright, happy colors and helping other girls have fun with makeup.


In an interview with, Doe Deere had developed an early entrepreneurial spirit, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates at age 13. Girls followed her ideas on beauty and makeup and looked to her for trends.


When she moved to New York City in her teens, Doe Deere set out to become a musician, and she did just that. She also met her husband Mark while playing in a rock band, and today, he is the president of Lime Crime, her cosmetics brand.


Lime Crime became Doe Deere’s true business baby. It was launched in humble times in 2008 because she couldn’t find the makeup she really enjoyed wearing. Vibrant, deeply pigmented colors in wild shades with glitter, iridescence and fantasy weren’t around too much. Doe Deere took a major leap and dove in, developing her own online brand.


To her surprise, the makeup clicked, and lots of women (and men, too) around the world became obsessed with Lime Crime makeup. It was bold, ethereal, empowering, sexy, naughty and quite unique. Doe Deere had found her business niche and understood the power of social media. She began building her brand and challenging the makeup giants who had set the beauty standards for decades.


These days, Lime Crime is on the red carpet and worn by some of the most glamorous celebrities that include Nicki Minaj, Garcelle Beauvais and Katy Perry. Women no longer feel intimidated about wearing bold lipstick shades like blue, green, yellow, orange or even gray. Lime Crime broke the beauty rules and has never looked back.


Most recently, the vegan makeup brand has even found its way into the Chinese beauty market in a partnership with another Los Angeles e-commerce company, the Revolve fashion label. Lime Crime’s global appeal is making major waves in a competitive beauty industry.


Doe Deere remains very hands-on with her makeup company and the introduction of new products. She wears the brand herself and tests out all the lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, etc. to see how they hold up on the skin and how their textures, colors and staying power perform.


The cosmetics brand has introduced Lime Crime vegan hair dye, and women have gone gaga over the rainbow bright shades, intensity and non-damaging tints. Doe Deere is lavender-coiffed these days and believes beauty should be playful and fresh.


Lime Crime is modern makeup that is anything but beige-y and boring. Doe Deere has always pushed the beauty envelope, and her brand is all about adventure and living in the moment.


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