Leadership Goals Of End Citizens United

Political action committees have a significant influence on the election cycle in the United States political system. End Citizens United is one of the most impressive political action committees in the country. It is only made more impressive by the fact that it has been founded solely utilizing grassroots campaigning methods.

This political action committee was first organized as a result of a Supreme Court decision which was made in 2010. In the court case of Citizens United versus Federal election commission, Supreme Court ruled that corporations were entitled to the same legal rights as individuals. This decision has led to a proliferation of deep-pocketed political campaign donors. People across the nation have risen up against this decision as they feel that it has increased to the effects and influence of billionaires and corporations in the political system.

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Tiffany Muller is the current president and executive director of End Citizens United. Thanks to her efforts during the first election cycle but the political action committee was able to take part in it was able to grow significantly. From its inception, the organization has become comprised of greater than 3 million individuals and has managed to raise $25 million during its first election cycle. Utilize these funds in order to help endorse 15 members of Congress who were successfully elected. Two of the most prominent members of Congress who were elected or well known as champions of campaign-finance reform. They are Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Sen. Catherine Cortez of Nevada. Tiffany Muller has stated that End Citizens United will continue to endorse members of Congress that will run in opposition to the so-called big money 20.

The big money 20 our members who are currently holding positions of power in the United States political system that are in support of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United versus Federal election commission. By supporting members who will run in opposition, she hopes to help eliminate the influence of big money in politics. End Citizens United plans to raise $35 million through grassroots campaigning efforts to help assist in the 2018 midterm election cycle. All of the funds that have been raised through these grassroots campaigning methods have been submitted to the Federal election commission for the purpose of auditing. This has maintained the organizations commitment to full transparency and accountability of their political contributions. Tiffany Muller hopes to help heal the nation by leaving it to reform its campaign finance laws.

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