Krishen Iyer: A Specialist in Lead Generation in the Healthcare Industry

Email is increasingly becoming a ubiquitous tool in the corporate sector with more companies investing in new ideas such as MailChimp to explore its full potential as a communication tool. While other industries have embraced the use of emails as platforms for communication and marketing, the healthcare industry seems too reluctant to follow suit. However, marketing campaigns and lead generation specialist Krishen Iyer believes that the industry can enjoy a wide array of benefits from using emails in their marketing campaigns.




According to Mr. Iyer, a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as Managed Benefits Services’ CEO, emails can help medical practitioners incorporate a customer-first marketing model that is more targeted and is favored by many patients. Emails are low-cost marketing platforms that can effectively use data in marketing campaigns. Customers stand a better chance of gaining access to more information using emails compared to other communication and marketing tools. However, to enjoy the full benefits of email marketing as Krishen Iyer has achieved in his entrepreneurial undertakings, there is a need to invest in technology that will increase the effectiveness of email marketing. Organizations that can’t afford the cost of such supporting technologies can curate their websites in a manner that can entice patients to seek email feedback. Companies can also include coupons to appeal to more customers.


Krishen Iyer’s Professional Background


Krishen Iyer is a serial investor who has founded several companies in addition to Managed Benefits Services. An alumnus of San Diego State University where he studied for public administration degree, Mr. Iyer is also the founder of MNP Insurance. He has also ventured in the real estate industry through his company, Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Under his visionary leadership, Managed Benefits Services has grown into one of the leading companies in America’s insurance and marketing industries. The company relies on market research and analytical tools to develop creative and innovative marketing campaigns for its clients.