Jose AuriemoNeto: Brazil’s Top Real Estate and Luxury Guru

Real estate globally has taken everyone into a frenzy. Designs have changed over time depending on the customer’s needs. Well, in Brazil, one company has been on the forefront in developing the real estate sector in Brazil is JHSF.The Company boasts of being a market leader in income assets that are of recurrent nature. The company has branches in the Paraguay and most importantly the United states of America. It specializes in building and managing of Mega hotels, shopping complexes and even airports in its long list of portfolio. Founded in the early 70’s, JHSF has developed more than six million square meters in its long lists of works. This is quite impressive for the Brazilian company which employs between 1000-5000 employees, both directly and indirectly.

The company was founded by two Brazilian brothers in the country’s capital Sao Paulo who joined hands with two other investors/partners. The company is known for its quick grip and specialization in the real estate industry. It practices sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and developments both in Brazil and other parts of the world it has invested in. The company is strategically divided into four business units namely; Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Centre, Airports Corporate Governance. The company is also a leader in Luxury goods.

One of its founders, Jose Auriemo Neto, is the man behind the JHSF brand that has grown popularity in Brazil and the world beyond. In 2004, he approached his Father, Fabio, who was then President of JHSF, with an idea of building a high-end complex in Pinheiros, Brazil. His father declined, but Jose recalls not giving up and even taking the step to take his father to the area. As we are speaking, a landmark real estate project which has nine residential towers, 180 stores, a brand of FasanoHotels, and more offices stands in the country. Dubbed the new king of luxury in Brazil, Jose has driven the competition of both real estate and luxury to an all-time high. Now the company boasts of revenues of between R$100 million – 500 million annually.