Jingdong Teams Up With Hasbro To Bring Transformers to China

Jingdong, or JD.Com for short is the superstar of Chinese retailers, with over 300 million regular customers and the greatest success of any retailer in China. Naturally, Hasbro decided upon them as the ideal partner in China. Their partnership was commemmorated in 2017 with an exclusive transformers short, and has seen expanded cooperation since.

JD.Com is no ordinary retailer – pushed by an innovative, visionary spirit, they’re behind the most fascinating experiments retail saw in 2018. That is, a pair of stores that are open constantly and have no cashiers or check out lines. In line with their Boundaryless Retail view of the future of retail, customers are able to buy anything they find at the store, at any time.

In contrast, Hasbro is a time-tested American toy giant, perhaps most well known for their Transformers line of toys and the associated generations of television and film media. Their first, experimental foray into the Chinese market featured the new ‘Red Knight’ character, and featured him fighting alongside series staple Optimus Prime to protect the energy source of the Transformers, promoted by JD.Com.

Chinese viewers adored it, and it was a good start to a successful partnership. Over the winter season of 2018-2019, the partnership reached its greatest height yet achieved. With the release of a new Transformers film, Bumblebee, the two companies found themselves with a great opportunity. Transformers has enjoyed significant success in China, and the new Bumblebee movie is regarded by many as the best live action Transformers film.

The opportunity was taken full advantage of; to top off the first Red Knight short, they produced a series of three. The growing popularity of the character was seen as the ideal opportunity to finally release a Red Knight figure, which will undoubtedly be cherished by fans and collectors. The capstone of the whole affair was ‘Bumblebee Day;’ a day-long promotion by JD.Com, displaying Transformers and Bumblebee merchandise prominently to their massive consumer base. Through their combined efforts, Bumblebee flew to the top of the box office with $58.8 million on the first day.

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