Jim Larkin’s Union Involvement Helped Him

Since Jim Larkin was so involved with the union when it first started, he knew there were things he had to do to help people understand the way the union worked. He also knew there were things that would help other people the same way they helped him. If Jim Larkin could make everything better, he’d have the chance to show people how things could always change no matter what. Even though the union was a new concept for most people, it was something Jim Larkin wanted to do to help others. He felt confident he could keep doing things the right way and that’s how he made the most out of everything he did. Between the time that Jim Larkin stepped in to do things and the things that he pushed for with the opportunities he had, Jim Larkin knew what to do to help people.


Even though there were problems that sometimes came from the work Jim Larkin put into the business, he felt the union gave him the best chance at success. In fact, it was the only thing that helped make him better than anyone else who had done things the right way. Employers didn’t stand a chance against unions and Jim Larkin knew that. He just wanted to keep working to ensure people could get the most positive options possible even when they struggled to stay in the same position they’d always been in.


For years, Jim Larkin was the face of the union. He saw the way people looked at him and knew it was important to keep helping other people with the issues they faced. He also knew things would keep getting better because of the work he did. As a union supporter, Jim Larkin had to focus on how he could help. He felt it was important to keep showing people things would change no matter what they did so they had to see the positive experiences that came from working with someone who knew a lot about the union. Jim Larkin’s goal was giving back and never giving in with the issues people faced.