JHSF Zooms Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s Leadership

JHSF is a leading Real-estate organization which is dominating the Brazilian Market. The growth story of JHSF under the leadership of Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto is amazingly steep and fruitful. Since 1972 JHSF has undergone turbulence of actions in the Real-estate market. However, the company has always sustained and won the leadership in its area of business.

Each and every project of JHSF has demonstrated the innovation and productivity measures. Moreover, after Jose Auriemo Neto joined the workforce, the company has achieved substantial growth that is sustainable.

Versatile Product Mix:

Unlike many Real-estate veteran companies, JHSF has a versatile set of revenue channels and product mix. Right from the construction, annual maintenance contracts, telecommunication, energy, retail partnerships, and many more. Particularly, the revenues from most of these channels don’t require fresh investments. Concurrently, revenues from retail partnerships and maintenance require less attention, yet provides a consequent income.

Staggering Projects:

SAO Paulo Executive Airport is more or less a dream project for many real-estate players. However, JHSF has succeeded in winning it. Further, the layouts and quality of the construction in the SAO Paulo Executive Airport can take JHSF to even the farthest corners of the world.

To a great degree, it requires exceedingly high expertise and knowledge to successfully take up and maintain an international standard Airport. The plans for the Airport include hosting non-stop flights to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Europe.

JHSF is the leader in the High-income real-estate segment in Brazil. The range of hotels in its portfolio is of considerably high in standards. JHSF is keen on initiatives to maintain the safety and standards of its premises. Consequently, the revenue model of hotels segment notches high numbers.

Neto’s Retail Ideas:

After Neto took charge in the JHSF growth story got more interesting and improving. Moreover, Neto was very clear in his objectives and planning. As a result, he added many incorporations to JHSF’s portfolio.

Subsequently, he identified the income opportunities in Shopping Malls. He planned Cidade Jardim to be the King’s Castle of the Brazilian Real-Estate market. Cidade Jardim includes residences, retail shops, corporate lounges, and also JHSF’s Office.

Neto established many retail partnerships with leading designers and brands across the globe. Valentino partnered with JHSF for retail business in the year 2012. Since then, several domestic and international brands got partnered with JHSF for retail business. In turn, JHSF’s profit ratio hits sky high in the subsequent years.