JHSF and José Auriemo Neto.: Real Estate Development Done Right

JHSF is a real estate business in Brazil known as a high-end company. They have a significant stake in building residential and commercial and carrying out the administration and development of large shopping centers. This also includes international business airports along with top-notch hotels. The company itself was created 1972 and has been recognized for its ability to seize new opportunities in the very market it has continued to operate in for several years. JHSF is innovative, pioneering, provides high-quality and has shown it’s talents when it comes to solutions regarding their developments and projects that speak for the reputation.

The business has gone on to capture a large presence in Sao Paulo, Manaus, Salvador, New York and Punta del Este. JHSF has four business units:

Fasano hotel and restaurants


Shopping center


They have taken the lead from many overseas real estate markets to come out ahead by creating consistent revenue. In the past years, they have prioritized their projects with their main characteristic in the administration and creation of shopping centers and high end luxury hotels. This also includes Catarina integrated urban development, which is the beginning phase for the Catarina Fashion outlet and the Catarina executive airport. While using their reoccurring revenue model, it has played a significant role in the company’s continued profits.

José Auriemo Neto leads the company as chairman and chief executive officer. He oversees the brand’s interest when it comes to creating public developments, hotels and office buildings. In addition to this, he maintains the portfolio that includes extensive shopping and retail establishments, one in particular is the well-known São Paulo Cidade Jardim shopping complex. It all started in 2009 when José Auriemo Neto was responsible for the JHSF’s first venture into the retail business. In this role he signed an exclusive partnership with well-known brands such as Jimmy Choo and Pucci.

These luxury brands were one of the first retail outlets open under the ownership of JHSF’s Cidade Jardim shopping complex. Nearly three years later, he assisted the organization by locking down a partnership with Valentino and its first Brazil Valentino and Red Valentino store.