Infinity Group Australia Leads The Way In Australian Debt Reduction For Families

Infinity Group Australia is a financial services firm headquartered in Bella Vista, Australia. This company’s co-founders, Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker, were very pleased when the Australian Financial Review chose their company as one of the most innovative businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian Financial Review has been the acknowledged authority on business, financial, and investment matters in Australia for the past 50 years.

Having been founded in 2013, Infinity Group Australia is one of Australia’s quickest growing companies that helps people pay off their debt and attain financial freedom. Their innovative approach to helping people led to their being named on the Most Innovative Companies 2018 list. The Australian Financial Review brings in a consulting firm called Inventium to decide which companies have earned the right to be named on this list. They use a range of criteria such as how well a company’s products and services work in the real world and whether they really do address the problem they are trying to solve. A companies culture is also judged in regards to how much it encourages innovation plus what strategies the business uses to achieve its goals.

Graeme Holm had been in the financial industry for 15 years before he co-founded Infinity Group Australia. He said that his exposure to the industry showed him that the big banks of Australia want to trap people in a cycle of debt they can never get out of. This is particularly true when it comes to mortgage debt. He came up with the concept of a business that would act as a personal trainer for its customers when it comes to their finances.

He says that he spent half a year refining the concept of Infinity Group Australia before launching it. He said that what Australian families need is a partner who will provide ongoing support and guidance when it comes to how they spend money and get rid of their debt. Each personal banker at this company is dedicated to helping people pay off their outstanding loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The approach that Infinity Group Australia takes has been shown to work. Every single client of this company has been able to pay off more debt in their first three years in this program than they had achieved in the entire year before. The average client of this company has been able to reduce their debt by $41,000 in the first year. Learn more :