How the vision of Jeffrey Aronin Is Curing The World

Entrepreneur,Jeffrey Aronin is the chief of Paragon Biosciences. They invest in firms that find cures to mostly neglected disease. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Northern University of Illinois along with a degree in Masters of Business Administration from DePaul University. He then decided to persue his career in the health care industry.(chronicleweek)


He founded Ovation Pharma LLC in 2000. His belief in treating patients with rare diseases led to the formation of principles on which his company stood on. On his 9th successful year, Lundbeck, a Danish healthcare Conglomerate acquired Ovation Pharma. Jeffrey Aronin was retained as the CEO to lead the company considering the major milestones he achieved over the years.


Following a smooth transition, Jeffrey developed strong intentions on building a platform for investing in medium scale biotech companies that showed immense potential. The reason was to push them towards the research and development of rare medical issues faced by millions. This was the beginning of a new phase in his life, Paragon Biosciences.


The positive outcomes gained the interest of investors and numerous talented people from the scientific community. The correct blend of science and investment in accordance to the principles that brought this company to life, Paragon is headed towards launching growing biotech companies towards developing cure for peculiar medical complexities. The subsidiaries of Paragon are Castle Creek Pharma and Harmony Biosciences, both having an immense positive effect in the society. Castle Creek is the place where innovation and research on lesser know genetic dermatology conditions take place. On the other hand, Harmony Biosciences focuses on malfunctions related to the nervous system like narcolepsy,etc. Another accomplishment by Mr. Aronin is when he came up with MATTER, an healthcare incubator supporting more than 200 companies committed to bringing treatments to the masses.


Keeping aside his investments and research, he believes in giving back to the society, the same society he has been working for his whole life. He is an important personality for the Chicago healthcare ecosystem. Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, appointed him as a board member of World Business Chicago. The purpose of World business Chicago is to bridge the gap between cities and healthcare companies which in turn increases job opportunities.