How Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Took DJing to the Next Level

The Chainsmokers, an electronic dance DJ duo from New York, have come to be one of the most popular musical groups in America. With five top 10 Billboard hits, The Chainsmokers are known to everyone who listens to pop radio. Although basically unknown just a few years ago, they were then at the forefront of changing electronic dance music and what it means to be DJs. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall both started out being DJ’s when they were young and just enjoyed the music, but their passion for it soon became the focus of both their lives. As soon as they met they knew that they were meant to work together and create something unique and new and that is exactly what they have done.

DJing is not a new artform, first started in the late 1940’s, modern DJing typically involves mixing continuous electronic dance music for large parties. DJs engineer mixes of popular songs with original electronic music to create new sounds and songs. They do not usually write and perform songs in the traditional way that most popular artists do. Enter The Chainsmokers. With the their hit single “Closer”, released July of 2016, Taggart and Pall changed what it meant to be modern DJs. By writing a song about their own life experience and featuring Taggart on vocals, they made two choices that were very unusual for DJs. Clearly their unusual choices have paid off, they have since released a number of songs featuring heartfelt lyrics and their own vocals, such as “You Owe Me” which has had over 48 million views on YouTube and “Sick Boy” which has had nearly 214 millions views. Their decision to branch out may have seemed risky at the time, but they are working to move electronic music to a more personal level and have, so far, been successful.

Their success has made it possible for them to branch out even more in their music and also in their personal lives. Pall used some of his success to buy a Hollywood Hills home which he recently had the chance to show off in the Wall Street Journal. With the help of interior decorator, Peti Lau, Pall has designed an interior for his home that truly reflects his eclectic style. From the trippy pillows and orange couch in the living room to the neon sign in the kitchen, every room shows that Pall is not afraid to mix things that may not traditionally go together to create new and unique works of art, both in his music and his home.

The Chainsmokers have a unique take on what it means to be DJs; they have taken their art to a new level and do not seem to be backing down. By pushing the boundaries on their sound they have created music that is lyrically and musically moving, a combination not often found in electronic music. As they continue to work on and evolve their music, it will be interesting to see what risks they take next.