Guilherme Paulus is the Pioneer of the Tourism Industry of Brazil

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and it is even harder in Brazil. There are multiple impediments to opening a successful business in this country. However, for those that have found a way of overcoming these hurdles, their businesses have become extremely rewarding. Examples of these obstacles include high rates of taxation and the unstable bureaucracy which is a hindrance for a business to achieve its set goals. Guilherme Paulus is one of the persons who have managed to grow successful businesses in Brazil.

One may wonder how Guilherme Paulus did it. When he began as an entrepreneur, he understood this market well and knew he needed a proper plan that will give him more exposure. The plan was to be observant of the government agencies, seeking advice from peers and paying attention to the prospective customers. He was also keen on identifying the opportunities in the tourism sector that would grow his company. In one of his interviews, he said the advice he can offer a young entrepreneur is to listen to people’s opinion., because you learn a lot.

Guilherme Paulus has always been interested in business. His desire to become a successful entrepreneur is the reason he chose to study BA in college. He got his first job at IBM when he was just 20 years old as an intern. After 4 years, he formed a company named CVC together with Carlos Vicente. They were hoping to leverage on the untapped tourism industry of Brazil. Although he did not have the money, he had the plan of making the business succeed while Carlos provided the initial capital.

Guilherme Paulus has always been a visionary since the beginning of the business, and this is the reason he has beat the competition over the years and even today. He was strategically opening the tour company’s shops in the populated regions of Brazil. The strategy helped the company to grow tremendously to a point of going public in 2013. Guilherme Paulus used the financial resources from the initial offering to grow the business further. His motivation also led him to invest 600 million in the hospitality industry through his now successful company,the GJP Hotels & Resorts

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