Find out more about Rodrigo Terpins’ sports career

Through the example of his father, Jack Terpins, the pilot Rodrigo Terpins became involved with sports from an early age, becoming one of the most prominent athletes in the rally competitions in Brazil, a mode that has become increasingly relevant in the scenario national sports

Jack Terpins, on the other hand, was a basketball player during the decades of 60 and 70, when it defended the shirt of Hebraica. After leaving the courts and betting on another profession, that of a businessman, Jack still remained connected to the sport, standing out as a leading figure in the sporting environment and as a great sports enabler for the training of children and adolescents.

Since starting his sports career, Rodrigo Terpins has dedicated himself fully to the sport, standing out among the best in the competitions he contests. An example of this was the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally, the main off-road championship in the country and one of the largest in the world, recognized for its complex stages and high level of difficulty.

During the 22nd edition of the rally, the participants began the first stage with a journey of almost 150km from the capital and Goias on a course filled with unstable terrain that required great handling of the vehicle and experience from competitors. With all the adversities, Rodrigo Terpins and the navigator Fabricio Bianchini performed a highly praised test, finishing the stage in just over 2 hours, thus ensuring the seventh place among the pilots and navigators that compete in the category Prototypes T1. Check out Terra for more.

The team from Sao Paulo Bull Sertoes Rally dos Sertoes closed the successful participation in the category Prototypes T1. The pair Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini finished in third place and won the eighth overall, while Michel Terpins and Sven von Borries were fourth and 13th overall. The double on the podium of the category yielded many emotions and the certainty that they finished the biggest off-road race of Brazil, with duty fulfilled. You can visit


The 2014 edition came with news. The rally was shorter in comparison to previous years and traveled through only two states, Goiás and Minas Gerais. There were more than 2,600 kilometers of route traveled and seven host cities, with departure in Goiânia and arrival, for the first time, in Belo Horizonte and happened between August 23rd and 30th. The competition counted on about 200 competitors of the categories Cars, Motorcycles, Quadricycles, Trucks and UTV’s



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