Doe Deere Shows That Hard Work Can Earn The American Dream

Lime Crime may be a popular makeup company with a cult following, but the company’s founder Doe Deere wasn’t always the success that she is today. Raised Jewish in Russia, she wasn’t always sure that she was going to be able to have a good life, but pop culture talked about the United States as the land of opportunity. It was in magazines and in music and Doe knew that one day she wanted to be able to make it to what was known as the land of opportunity. She was obsessed with English and the culture in the United States. She studied everything and fantasized about living there one day.

When she was 17, Doe Deere was given the opportunity to leave Russia with her mother and younger sister and they made their way to New York City. This move may have been a rough journey but through hard work and just not giving up, she has managed to build up an empire after beginning her life in the United States in complete poverty. She and her family knew that they could not allow themselves to fail and things were going to be a lot different in New York City than they were in their hometown with a population of around 500,000.

In Russia, Doe Deere’s mother had been an accountant who had done quite well in her career. Unfortunately, they learned that this wasn’t quite enough to be able to make it immediately as soon as they moved. The education of Doe Deere was not transferring fast enough so she was unable to find a good paying job anywhere in her new city. She ended up cleaning apartments and walking pets to try to pay the bills but it was never enough.

These situations left Doe Deere and her family homeless. While this may have been disheartening, they kept pushing and Doe was eventually able to obtain an education in finance. As time went on, they were also able to obtain their own home and life just seemed to get better from then. Doe Deere is truly evidence that the American Dream is alive.