Clay Hutson – On the Road Again

DiGiCo creator and mastermind Clay Hutson is no stranger to the bright lights and big stage. His work as a musical engineer has been well documented over the past century, working on-site with some of the biggest musical stars in the industry. Clay’s last world tour brought the alternative rock genre to a global audience with Garbage’s tour. The band traveled from continent to continent, performing night in and night out. These performances were managed by Clay, adding a small mark to his vast resume.



This year, Clay was tracked down by pop sensation Halsey. This singer/songwriter extraordinaire is taking the global stage by storm this summer and through the later months of 2018, marking the first time the 23-year-old becomes the star of the show. To increase her firepower and provide sound, lighting, and billing support, the singer sought help from Mr. Hutson. Being that Clay had embarked on many different global tours, this request was an easy obligation for him to take on. Halsey has a massive social media following, which started to gain a full head of steam in early 2012. The singer released her single ‘Bad at Love’ on social media platforms, lighting the flame that led to her signing with a major producer. The tour expands multiple continents, with heavy hitters dropping down in Asia and Latin America. The singer has ties to these regions and she will feature opening acts and other performers that are enriched within the cultural region of performance. These additions hope to showcase the many different talents that women in music possess, allowing the world to receive a full sampling of the different flavors existing from locations all over the world.



This marks the second consecutive summer that Hutson will be billed as the tour manager for a singer or group. His latest sound productions, in association with DiGiCo, were featured heavily across the festival space in 2017. The SD7 and SD11 sound systems were utilized at the top grossing tours of the summer, heating up the stage and creating a nostalgia fans will never forget. These production systems come at the dedication and musical commitments Clay strived to achieve when creating his company. He continues to work with top performing artists and groups, helping them develop their sound for outdoor shows, stadium tours, and other such meccas that demand the ‘go big or go home’ way of life. His expertise continues to influence developing artists and his creations continue to push the limits of musical sound production systems and showcases. Learn more: