Chris Burch- The News Version Recap

Mr. Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company is in New York based private investments company.Mr.Burch has 40 years as an investor and entrepreneur. He has made a rise in more than 50 companies. Mr. Christopher has creative skills in financial practices in creating, incubating, supporting and scaling disrupting brands and businesses. He can also make connections between innovation and implementation leading to unusual success. Mr. Christopher Burch has the desire of using his knowledge and resources to help entrepreneurs. His company is currently supporting consumer products, organic foods, and technology industries. The Burch Creative has includes other companies to work together like the cocoona,Trademark, and Nihi Sumba.


Burch and James McBride partnered and are both owners of Nihi Sumba island as well as Nihi hotel. Nihi is one of the worlds best resorts. The hotel has grown to be a huge success because of its uniqueness and the environment.The Nihi Sumba Island began years ago. Burch saw of its beauty and later on expanded the resort. Burch partnered with McBride which lead to his transition as a hotel entrepreneur. Nihi hotel was voted the best number 1 hotel in the world providing the best to its clients, watch it in ( to see its amazing features. Nihi island has mysterious stories about it whereby they believed that there were spirts.

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