Betsy DeVos Has An Uphill Battle For Education Reform

Betsy DeVos didn’t become a household name in American politics until President Donald Trump nominated her to become the Secretary of Education. The position, Secretary of Education, is at the head of the Department of Education and it is widely considered to be the most important educational position in the entire United States of America. The title itself is hefty enough much less the expectations that come with it. Still, Betsy DeVos received the full support of President Trump and the entire GOP so that makes her someone worth getting to know. Let’s learn about Betsy DeVos as well as her advocacy for education reform and how she plans to enact it in the partisan political world that we are living in.


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. as an outsider, that is true, but it comes after spending years of hard work as a private citizen in order to make education reform a possibility at the state level. Raised in Michigan and born in the town of Holland, Betsy DeVos grew up knowing that she was a reformer and that expectations were high for her. Still, what guided her ambition to reform education were not expectations for herself, but expectations for bettering the community around her. Betsy DeVos has been championing school choice for over 30 years and her work and effort has been directly contributing to the growth of the concept in conservative circles around the country.


If you were to talk to Betsy DeVos about the importance of her work and the ability of school choice to actually catch on on a national level, you’d find that she is more optimistic than ever. Not only has she chaired several educational foundations, including Kids Hope USA and the Foundation For Excellence in Education, she has also worked directly with facilities throughout the country on school choice as a platform. Right now, 17 different states have enacted school choice policy so that 33 total institutions can offer school choice programs. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, more than a quarter of a million students are enrolled in school choice platforms. Still, with all of this success, there is a lot of work to do.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is going to have to hone in on what made her so successful at the state level as a private citizen and she is going to have to do it with the political world in complete upheaval. There was some concern that Betsy DeVos would have trouble acclimating to the partisan world of politics, but she’s managed to do just fine so far and she has even earned praise from people like Randi Weingarten who is a prominent union leader for teachers in the United States.


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