An Application Fostering Growth In Students Today

Communication is a key factor in any human interaction. This is especially important in a classroom setting. The way you communicate with your students as a teacher and also as a parent determines their response. ClassDojo is an application which uses technology to foster better learning environments for children. The application is widely used in many countries. The basic concept of tis application is to foster good communication in the classroom.

Due to the increase in technological development, the application is very timely for teachers and students learning in this era. They are able to plan the day’s activities and inform the parents. A photo communicates a lot to the mind. Teachers are able to take photos of students while they engage in their school work and activities. They are responsible for creating a positive culture in class. ClassDojo gives assistance to teachers in promoting more of fun activities for the students as they learn. The application helps them know how much they have covered.

Parents are always concerned with the well-being of their children. Once they go to school, it is difficult to assess how they are faring. Creating a platform where they can frequently communicate with the teachers is vital. The parents are able to know how their children are learning and what difficulties they are having. This is able to aid them with the technical know-how on what to do to help their children grow. They are able to view the photos sent and make an assessment on what they would need to compete their homework. Communication at home becomes easier because you have already engaged with the teachers. This enables a parent to talk about topics they did during the day. Children are able to absorb knowledge faster because of the continued commitments in their education.

ClassDojo enables children to grow. The interaction between the teacher and the parents helps a student appreciate the continued effort being put to develop their learning potential. ClassDojo enables students to work at their best in whatever they present. This fosters a healthy competition, good communication skills and memories in the classroom. Learn more about ClassDojo: