Adam Milstein Does It All

Adam Milstein is a great writer that submits opinion pieces to sites like The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post. Mr. Adam Milstein wrote an opinion article for The Jerusalem Post in early May 2018, the most recent work that he has shared with the world.

The aforementioned text concerns the attitudes of the United States government, American people, and Israeli-American people towards the State of Israel and their views towards and handling of issues in the so-called, appropriately-named “holy land.”

Just as the United States of America was soon established as a melting pot of cultures around the world after it was founded in 1776, the State of Israel became the same “melting pot” of Jewish cultures from around the world, bringing in sects like the Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Druze, Bedouin, and countless others.

Throughout the 1800s, countless peoples of various nationalities, ethnicities, and other distinctions came to the United States in hopes to live better lives. The same can be said for Jewish people around the world hoping to seek asylum in the then-newly-founded State of Israel, which was created with the sole intention of providing a place for Jewish people to live together without fear of persecution.

Throughout the past, the spread of Jewish people around the globe became known as the Diaspora. While spreading any culture around the world is undeniably positive in the name of boosting diversity and reducing discrimination and bigotry of all sorts, Jewish people pretty much ended up having no centralized population.

After roughly one-third of the global Jewish population was slain in the Holocaust, the Jewish Alliance was the first group interested in bringing all Jews back to the land they all came from. In 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the “head cheese” of the aforementioned Jewish Agency, officially kicked off the governmental proceedings for the State of Israel. The United States recognized its existence. Even better, the global alliance of the world’s leading nations more often known as the United Nations took the same stance as the United States did, according to Adam Milstein’s article.

Mr. Adam Milstein is also a real estate investor in addition to his writing duties.