A Look into Agera Energy

New CFO joins Agera Energy


On the 9 August 2018, the Chief Executive Officer of Agera Energy, Geoff Duda, made an announcement that Mark Linzenbold came on board as their new Chief Financial Officer, CFO. Mark holds a widespread background concerning the industry of retail energy having worked with Direct Energy for a period of more than seven years in the Finance and Business Development department. He was the vice president of the department and also served in KPMG as a senior manager. Mark has a wide scope of experience in all aspects of organizational development, finance and business management as well. He also served as the vice president in the office of Business planning and Corporate Controller at Strategic Energy. The whole fraternity of Agera Energy was excited with the announcement of Mark joining them as the CFO and happily welcomed him on board. Follow Agera Energy on twitter.com.

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Agera Energy supplies electricity and natural gas in retail. They are not associated with any authority or commission thus they are independent. They are licensed to supply electricity as well as natural gas in several states including California, New York, New Jersey and more others. Geoff Duda is the current Chief Executive Officer. They aim at simplifying the process of energy buying once and for all. With energy solutions that are the best, well implemented and extremely supported, they concentrate on their customers so that the customers can keep their attention on important matters at their homes and also businesses.

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They offer a chain of services in the energy sector. This include; home solutions, LED lightning solutions, renewable energy, business solutions and channel partners. They also provide customized energy plans in particular to each business. They enable their esteemed customers to power their world with the enlisted services and also a variety of product according to their location. They offer energy solutions to their customers that are very cost-effective aiming to save customers’ money on energy. They have also joined their energy efficiency solutions with the energy supply products to lower the energy costs for a long period of time. Read more about Agera Energy at INC.com.