The Bryan Center

In 2003, Sandy Cay, Inc. (SCI) formed The Bryan Center for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  The first program of its kind in the Four County area, The Bryan Center continues to serve children with autism, PDD and Asperger’s Syndrome.  The Bryan Center is open to any child residing in Ohio and has enrolled not only local students, but also newly relocated students from as far away as Texas and Missouri to receive the specialized services many children with ASD require.  The Bryan Center is open year round and is located at 1207 W. High St., in Bryan, at the back of the Rite Aid Pharmacy building.

Serving students ages 3 through 21, the center offers a full day program and addresses the children’s individual needs.  In addition to academics, programs may include life skills, social skills, sensory integration, behavior management, music, adaptive physical education and strategies relevant to speech, language and occupational therapy.  Although a multidisciplinary approach is used, the focus of training centers on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) including Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB).  These have proven successful with children previously thought to be uneducable, such as some children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Center is funded through The Autism Scholarship, grants, fundraising and donations.

Students utilizing the Autism Scholarship remain enrolled in their local school district but cannot receive any public school services.  The Bryan Center works together with local public and private schools to develop and implement Individual Educational Plans (IEP) to make each child successful.  The 1:1 and small group ratio is costly, but is often required for students with such intensive needs.

Students bring their own lunches and a refrigerator and microwave are available for their use.  Transportation is the parent’s responsibility.

Bryan Center students enjoy gym and swim at the local YMCA in addition to a variety of educational field trips.  From the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for Automotive Education Day to Menno-Hof in Shipshewana, Indiana, the students are exposed to an array of  educational experiences.  A highlight of the year for students is the trip to Cedar Point sponsored by the ARC of Ohio each May.  Students attend field trips that are appropriate considering age and skill level.  Field trip destinations change yearly.

Summer school brings its own set of experiences with visits to such places as the Toledo Zoo, COSI, the Auburn Duesenberg Car Museum and the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta.  A few of our summer school students also had the unique opportunity to visit Chicago for 2 activity filled days.   The summer school program may be open to peers and other children on an IEP (aside from those with ASD).  Although the summer schedule may have shortened days for many of our students, IEP goals and social skills are still the focus.

Please call Kathleen Ewonus at the SCI office 419-636-6286 or email  for more information regarding enrolling your child at The Bryan Center.