JHSF Zooms Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s Leadership

JHSF is a leading Real-estate organization which is dominating the Brazilian Market. The growth story of JHSF under the leadership of Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto is amazingly steep and fruitful. Since 1972 JHSF has undergone turbulence of actions in the Real-estate market. However, the company has always sustained and won the leadership in its area of business.

Each and every project of JHSF has demonstrated the innovation and productivity measures. Moreover, after Jose Auriemo Neto joined the workforce, the company has achieved substantial growth that is sustainable.

Versatile Product Mix:

Unlike many Real-estate veteran companies, JHSF has a versatile set of revenue channels and product mix. Right from the construction, annual maintenance contracts, telecommunication, energy, retail partnerships, and many more. Particularly, the revenues from most of these channels don’t require fresh investments. Concurrently, revenues from retail partnerships and maintenance require less attention, yet provides a consequent income.

Staggering Projects:

SAO Paulo Executive Airport is more or less a dream project for many real-estate players. However, JHSF has succeeded in winning it. Further, the layouts and quality of the construction in the SAO Paulo Executive Airport can take JHSF to even the farthest corners of the world.

To a great degree, it requires exceedingly high expertise and knowledge to successfully take up and maintain an international standard Airport. The plans for the Airport include hosting non-stop flights to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Europe.

JHSF is the leader in the High-income real-estate segment in Brazil. The range of hotels in its portfolio is of considerably high in standards. JHSF is keen on initiatives to maintain the safety and standards of its premises. Consequently, the revenue model of hotels segment notches high numbers.

Neto’s Retail Ideas:

After Neto took charge in the JHSF growth story got more interesting and improving. Moreover, Neto was very clear in his objectives and planning. As a result, he added many incorporations to JHSF’s portfolio.

Subsequently, he identified the income opportunities in Shopping Malls. He planned Cidade Jardim to be the King’s Castle of the Brazilian Real-Estate market. Cidade Jardim includes residences, retail shops, corporate lounges, and also JHSF’s Office.

Neto established many retail partnerships with leading designers and brands across the globe. Valentino partnered with JHSF for retail business in the year 2012. Since then, several domestic and international brands got partnered with JHSF for retail business. In turn, JHSF’s profit ratio hits sky high in the subsequent years.

Great Reasons why OSI Group Features in America’s Top 100 Food Companies

OSI Group is one of the best food companies in the world. It is valued for supplying processed beef, pork, fish, and poultry products. Besides meat, the food company provides snacks, entrées, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Why is it ranked among the top 100 food companies in America?

1. It serves the Global Market

OSI runs over 65 subsidiaries that serve millions of customers from around the world. Some of its subsidiaries are located in Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, India, Japan, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, and some states in the United States. The company continues to seek more mergers and acquisitions to increase global footprint.

2. OSI Group is the leading supplier of meat-based products

OSI is one of the leading suppliers of processed beef, pork, and poultry products. In addition to the processed meat, OSI Group is a reputable supplier of kettle products, sandwich, entrées, Pizza, baked snacks, and fried foods.

It supplies its products to leading food outlets like Papa John’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s restaurant. Unlike its competitors, OSI can customize products according to their clients’ unique needs. The clients value OSI as a reliable, diversified and responsive supplier.

3. It is the world’s top employer

Even with its modest start as a small family owned meat shop, OSI Group has grown to be one of the largest employers. At present, the food company hires over 20,000 employees who work in its subsidiaries located in different parts of the world. It gives equal employment opportunities.

4. OSI has an active Corporate Social Responsibility

OSI Group strives to maintain sustainable relationships with the community it serves, as well as the environment it operates in. For instance, the group has been donating food to unfortunate people living in undeserved communities. The company also continues to come up with more innovative to ensure sustainable business development.

Besides supporting the less fortunate, the group has been in the front line of environmental conservation, and animal welfare advocacy. In 2016, OSI received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor award for its exemplary environmental conservation practices.

For details: discoverorg.com/directory/company/OSI-Group/7670

Talkspace Keeps Pace With Traditional Therapy

Our society has become increasingly open about political debacles, celebrity shenanigans and many other subjects which used to be considered too sensitive for public consumption. Divulging and bringing them to the light can be beneficial, but we are lagging behind when we keep mental health issues under wraps. When Betty Ford first discussed her substance abuse issues, and other prominent females uttered the words “breast cancer” aloud, better treatments were the nearly instant result. In the same way, Talkspace aspires to uncloak mental health issues in order to remove the stigma from those who seek help.

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Talkspace is a professional service that allows those with troubling mental health issues to affordably and conveniently speak to a therapist in a private, low stress format. Through texting, one can contact Talkspace, become matched with a therapist who works well with the patients’ particular issue, and initiate a therapeutic mental health dialogue. Clearly, this is a revolutionary way for those who would never have sought treatment to embark on a mental wellness journey.

It should be made clear that this is not simply a chat line connected to a person who doubles as a phone psychic. These are bona fide professionals with verifiable credentials making quantifiable improvements for those suffering in silence. The fact that Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has endorsed Talkspace illustrates the beneficial veracity of this powerful mental health therapy format. He has become a very public face for a very private and troubling mental health pandemic in this country.

Through the increased visibility accompanying Talkspace and the endorsement of Michael Phelps, a standard truth has begun to emerge — mental health issues do not discriminate. This troubling and dangerous family of illnesses crosses all social, economic, gender and race delineations. Talkspace is definitely a professional service whose time has come.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Talkspace/reviews?fjobtitle=Therapist


Husain Sajwani The Damac Owner Explains Why Dubai Remains the Most Enticing Real Estate Market?

According to the latest JLL Global real estate transparency Index, Dubai remains the most transparent real estate market in the region. It also shot eight places up in the global rankings and Hussain Sajwani believes this makes it the most attractive real estate investment destination across the world.

He is optimistic that this classification and a host of other governmental and market conditions would see a soaring interest in the number of foreign real estate investments in the city. Some of the most enticing factors that the Damac owner believes will serve as foreign investment magnet to the sector include:

  1. Favorable government policies

UAE’s government recently waived the 4 percent property registration fee imposed by the Dubai Land Department. It also allowed for 100 percent property and business ownership by foreigners outside the free zones. More importantly, it adjusted the visa rules by introducing long-term visas to city investors. Based on these facts, Hussain Sajwani holds the opinion that such landmark decisions will draw in investors and encourage long-term residents into owning property in the region.

  1. Fast adoption of technology

According to the Damac owner, Dubai remains one of the safest cities’ in the world. It is also gradually transforming into a technological hub. The government and industry players are constantly embracing new technologies that simplify real estate investments. Hussain Sajwani particularly points out to the introduction of the Real Estate Self Transact (REST) platform by the Dubai Land Department.

The platform allows property owners to buy, sell, rent, and even access mortgage facilities seamlessly without the need for paperwork. The government has even hinted to the adoption of blockchain technology in establishing a more transparent real estate sector.

  1. High and guaranteed returns on investment

The favorable government policies and undying investor interest in the Dubai real estate market have only served to boost the productivity of the real estate sector. Hassan Sajwani argues that the promise of high and guaranteed returns is evidenced by the number of property additions and completions in the market.

For instance, Dubai Land Department recently introduced over 14,000 pieces of property to the market with the Damac owner hinting out that 47 properties have so far been completed on time this year. The region has done its level best in marking its real estate market a favorable as possible and Hussain can only wonder what more an investor wants.

Chris Burch- The News Version Recap

Mr. Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company is in New York based private investments company.Mr.Burch has 40 years as an investor and entrepreneur. He has made a rise in more than 50 companies. Mr. Christopher has creative skills in financial practices in creating, incubating, supporting and scaling disrupting brands and businesses. He can also make connections between innovation and implementation leading to unusual success. Mr. Christopher Burch has the desire of using his knowledge and resources to help entrepreneurs. His company is currently supporting consumer products, organic foods, and technology industries. The Burch Creative has includes other companies to work together like the cocoona,Trademark, and Nihi Sumba.


Burch and James McBride partnered and are both owners of Nihi Sumba island as well as Nihi hotel. Nihi is one of the worlds best resorts. The hotel has grown to be a huge success because of its uniqueness and the environment.The Nihi Sumba Island began years ago. Burch saw of its beauty and later on expanded the resort. Burch partnered with McBride which lead to his transition as a hotel entrepreneur. Nihi hotel was voted the best number 1 hotel in the world providing the best to its clients, watch it in (Youtube.com) to see its amazing features. Nihi island has mysterious stories about it whereby they believed that there were spirts.

Hop over to this link, https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html.

Guilherme Paulus: What Inspires Him

Brazil is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Millions of tourists flock to Brazil’s white-sand beaches and explosive party spots every year. As one of the hottest countries in the world, Brazil also hosts some of the grandest hotels and resorts; many owned and operated by CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Both CVC and GJP are owned by Guilherme Paulus, a renowned hotelier and entrepreneur. Now, Paulus is a billionaire living in luxury, but he began as an ordinary intern working for IBM. Over his career, he’s launched some of the most spectacular hotels and resorts in Brazil. Since 1995, 100,000 people have walked through the doors of a property that Guilherme Paulus owns.

Paulus enjoys telling the story of his uprising, noting the importance of Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. When he first met Cerchiari, the then State Deputy, he was working at Casa Faro. He had little real-world experience as an entrepreneur, but his reputation for having a keen eye and ambition sparked interest from Cerchiari. While on a cruise, Cerchiari introduced Paulus to the idea of opening a tourist agency in Santo Andre. Immediately, Paulus accepted the challenge, never figuring he’d end up running one of the largest tour companies in the country.

For four years, Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari (the CVC in CVC Brasil Operadora) ran a little store on the street next to a movie theater. When Carlos wanted to leave the company, Paulus bought him out and continued alone.

Having worked so hard since the beginning, it’s no wonder that Paulus remains so involved in GJP Hotels and Resorts and CVC Brasil. While other owners delegate much of the tedious work, Guilherme Paulus enjoys staying close to his business and monitoring all the little details. It allows him to act quickly and capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

The added benefit of remaining close is direct interaction with employees. Making customers happy isn’t the only key to success; employees need to feel heard and appreciated.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://eventosemjoinville.com.br/2018/09/12/guilherme-paulus-participa-da-2a-edicao-do-cvb-talks/

The Beginning of a Lifelong Partnership Between OSI Group & McDonalds

OSI is known as one of the largest food providers in the world and is still growing today. Otto Kolschowsky started his small business in Chicago, Illinois as a local retail and meat market in 1909. After almost 20 years, Kolschowsky rebranded his business as Otto & Sons and later as OSI. The OSI group McDonalds relationship did not begin until 1955.

Before the first McDonald’s was opened in 1955, Ray Kroc— a franchise agent for Richard and Maurice McDonald— made an agreement with Ottos & Sons for them to be their first supplier of ground beef. Within a few years, supplying McDonalds became OSI’s primary task.

Over the next couple of decades, the OSI group McDonalds became even bigger, especially once the process of flash freezing was discovered. (Flash freezing is the process of freezing cryogenic food quickly with liquid nitrogen.) This process created even more opportunities for product expansion and also cost reduction. As the success of OSI group McDonalds continued to grow, OSI went from being 1 of 100 of McDonalds meat suppliers to 1 of their top 4 suppliers.

In 1973, a facility was built by OSI specifically for McDonalds. It wasn’t until 1975 when the company went from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries. As McDonalds continued to expand, OSI continued to build facilities throughout North America and also internationally. Over the past few decades OSI group McDonalds has continued grow rapidly.

In conclusion, both OSI and McDonalds started out being small local businesses. With the support of each other, they were able to build not only a long lasting partnership, but also a relationship. Because of the longevity of their relationship they were able to build strong foundation, explore new opportunities together, and take both companies global. Today, both companies are still at the top.

Both Consumers and Distributors Benefit From Organo Gold’s Coffee Blends

If you are at all interested in the world of alternative coffees, then you will likely find many things about Organo Gold impressive. This company is looking to compete with the biggest brands, and it is finding success with a unique business model involving the use of independent distributors in dozens of different nations. In addition to its well-received coffee blends, Organo Gold is also producing high-quality teas. Cafe Mocha, Green Tea, Red Tea, Cafe Supreme and Gourmet Black Coffee are just a few examples of Organo’s most popular offerings.

What makes Organo Gold unique is its special, proprietary blend. This includes a powerful and healthy ingredient called ganoderma lucidium. One of the biggest benefits of this ingredient is that it supports the consumer’s immune system with great efficiency. There are other health benefits to this special coffee blend as well, but that is the one that stands out the most. If you are on the search for a new specialty blend of coffee to try out, and particularly one that boasts numerous health benefits, then it would make perfect to try out Organo Gold in the very near future in order to fully experience its many benefits.

Although there is obviously much competition in the coffee sector, Organo Gold is looking to make a big impact globally, and the company is already working with international distributors all around the globe in an effort to reach that goal. In short, Organo offers a delicious, healthy blend to its final consumers and a unique financial opportunity to potential distributors. With such a strong and mutually beneficial business model, it is likely that this company will rise to even higher peaks of success in the coming few years.

For details: www.indeed.com/cmp/Organo-Gold/reviews

What You Need To Know About Wen By Chaz Hair Care

Wen Hair Care’s cleaning line is claimed to offer almost every type of hair with the nutrient and hydration needed to make it shine and maintain its health. Wen is a line of 5-in-1 cleaning conditioners created by the Los Angeles-based designer, Chaz Dean to fight the long-lasting impact of the body’s shampoo. Unlike shop-bought shampoo, which can contain raw substances and sulfates, WEN says that he takes a more complete focus on the treatment of his scalp by enabling your scalp to preserve natural oils.


Chaz Dean has released Wen, a range of hair care products designed to clean and condition without a rough color to create a natural, healthy look. Robinson bought the Wen cleaning system from QVC and charged more than 100 dollars for the hair care package.


Anyone who has a channel surf at 3 a.m. and has seen the famous hairdresser Chaz works his magic on Brooke Shields and Milano knows the beauty of Wen. However, just as many 5-star Wen enthusiasts say that the product has been the most beautiful of their hair; and 5-star reviews have repeatedly ranked Wen number one under the care of their hair on retailmenot.com and Amazon.


Chaz Dean’s ad says that 5 issues are solved with a single product – the cleaning system. Your hair texture is NOTHING like the models on your ad for Wen. Chaz Dean also presses other hair-related items such as the anti-curly cream, the mousse, and the deep conditioner. http://www.wenhaircare.com/en_us/cleansing-conditioner.html


Wen also carried out an awareness of the Risk Assessment of the Skin, in which their scientists collected information from the industry of cosmetic commerce and consumer protection groups to assess the sensitivity of the individual components of the household’s cleaning systems. Scientists subject to 60 and 185 degree C temperature (in order to falsify the application of a hairdryer and iron hair straightener, respectively) to assess the chemicals of the passenger product.

Why is Wen unique? Visit the website at wen.com to know.


Krishen Iyer: A Specialist in Lead Generation in the Healthcare Industry

Email is increasingly becoming a ubiquitous tool in the corporate sector with more companies investing in new ideas such as MailChimp to explore its full potential as a communication tool. While other industries have embraced the use of emails as platforms for communication and marketing, the healthcare industry seems too reluctant to follow suit. However, marketing campaigns and lead generation specialist Krishen Iyer believes that the industry can enjoy a wide array of benefits from using emails in their marketing campaigns.




According to Mr. Iyer, a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as Managed Benefits Services’ CEO, emails can help medical practitioners incorporate a customer-first marketing model that is more targeted and is favored by many patients. Emails are low-cost marketing platforms that can effectively use data in marketing campaigns. Customers stand a better chance of gaining access to more information using emails compared to other communication and marketing tools. However, to enjoy the full benefits of email marketing as Krishen Iyer has achieved in his entrepreneurial undertakings, there is a need to invest in technology that will increase the effectiveness of email marketing. Organizations that can’t afford the cost of such supporting technologies can curate their websites in a manner that can entice patients to seek email feedback. Companies can also include coupons to appeal to more customers.


Krishen Iyer’s Professional Background


Krishen Iyer is a serial investor who has founded several companies in addition to Managed Benefits Services. An alumnus of San Diego State University where he studied for public administration degree, Mr. Iyer is also the founder of MNP Insurance. He has also ventured in the real estate industry through his company, Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Under his visionary leadership, Managed Benefits Services has grown into one of the leading companies in America’s insurance and marketing industries. The company relies on market research and analytical tools to develop creative and innovative marketing campaigns for its clients.