Flavio Maluf Welcomes Tax Breaks For Brazilian Entrepreneurs

Over the past few years, Brazil has been notoriously difficult to start a new business in and has a variety of significant barriers to enter the Brazilian market. However, it now looks as though the country is set to introduce a few tax breaks for entrepreneurs in the country. Flavio Maluf, the founder of Brazilian company Eucatex, has welcomed these tax breaks and incentives for some different reasons. Chief among these is that they offer a few significant reasons for businesses to do some social good while also allowing them to grow.

Many of the tax incentives that Brazil is introducing focus on helping new businesses grow in certain areas and by donating to social and charitable causes in the country. This will allow businesses to create a more positive brand name and increase their overall brand awareness without being too much of a financial imposition for start-ups and SMEs. As Flavio Maluf notes, this could be a winning situation for everyone involved. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Exame

These tax incentives are also being introduced to bring businesses to certain regions, such as the Manus Free Zone; the Zone is a somewhat isolated part of the Western Amazon. Because of its isolation, according to Flavio Maluf, there are often issues related to high unemployment. There’s also the fact that these communities are often underserved in a variety of different services; they often need to travel elsewhere to get basic services. Mr. Maluf has noted that these tax breaks not only offer more financial incentives for businesses but can decrease unemployment in the affected areas.

Flavio Maluf has also noted that the likes of export companies, agriculture, and infrastructure are getting tax breaks so that these companies can grow. Because of that, the industries should begin to flourish and provide Brazilians with better access to the products and services that they actually want and need. Learn more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/perto-de-completar-67-anos-a-eucatex-de-flavio-maluf-passou-boa-parte-de-sua-trajetoria-envolvida-com-sustentabilidade-e-acoes-sociais,9a880c77bfdc7c7d0ea9b2b1a5597b71rpz1rxdo.html

Ara Chackerian Uses Positive Experiences to Help People in Different Situations

For Ara Chackerian, helping people is a big part of the way he does various businesses. He works as an investor, philanthropist and a businessman. He focuses on entrepreneurial endeavors and does a lot to make things better for people he helps. When he’s working toward a goal, he does a lot of things that might make it easier for people to see how they can get help.

When Ara Chackerian started his own business, he knew he had to do something that would help others with their lives. He wanted to do something that was life-changing and that nobody had done in the past. It was important to Ara Chackerian to make things easier for everyone and that’s why he pushed to bring positive opportunities to everyone who needed them. When he started his business, it pushed him to become a big part of the industry.

Since he is successful in business, Ara Chackerian knows what he can do to make a difference for others. He wants to help them with their own business opportunities and do what he can to help small businesses become successful. Ara Chackerian pushes to work as an angel investor. Doing this allows him the chance to make sure he can help others and make sure he’s doing everything he can to help small businesses. It’s important to get small businesses off the ground. Ara Chackerian also understands that angel investors play a huge role in helping businesses while also making things better for the people who run the companies.

Even though it’s important to Ara Chackerian to work on his own business and help other people with their businesses, he also wants to do things that might make it easier for people to enjoy the opportunities they have in life. Without his philanthropic efforts, people might not even realize they’re getting a better life. He uses his philanthropy to help people while also making things easier for them. By focusing on these changes and pushing to make their lives better, Ara Chackerian proves himself as a worthy philanthropist who can give back to those in need.

Recognition For Madison Street Capital

As an international investment firm, Madison Street Capital pledges to provide expert advisory services for both private and publicly held businesses, on mergers and acquisitions, valuation services, and other financial issues. When accepting a new client, the firm takes on the task of ensuring the client’s success toward the established goals and objectives. Madison Street Capital has earned global trust as a firm with a dedication to high level professional standards.


Recently, the firm was announced as a winner of the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards, an honor awarded by M&A Advisors. Roger Aguinaldo, who founded M&A Advisor, describes the award as a way to recognize the performance leaders in an extremely demanding environment. He says winners were selected from an impressive group of candidates and represent the best in their field for outstanding performance. Over 275 companies were nominated and judged by a group of industry experts, so to be selected as a winner is truly an honor.


Specifically, Madison Street Capital received the award for “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” for their work in advising Sachs Capital Group in the move to take RMG Networks private. The team involved in this transaction was led by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director. Founder and CEO, Charles Botchway thanked the team members involved for their hard work and efforts on the project, and expressed appreciation that his firm was being recognized for the ability to successfully handle complex transactions from start to finish.


The official presentation of awards will take place in Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 2019. The black-tie event is known as the M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit, and as previously stated, this will be the 13th gathering for the occasion. The evening will be a celebration of the success that follows hard work, and a chance for the Madison Street Capital reputation to continue to shine.


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Herbalife Nutrition Ltd Past Strategies to Attain Success and Prospect


Herbalife Nutrition Ltd remains to be the most preferred company by investors, the industry is facing a decline of about 0.1%, but HLF is showing a surge of 68.7% of its stock. The company’s gains are attributed to competent weight management, increased volumes good products portfolio and its global presence. The current currency fluctuations seem to have had little impact on the company.

Volume Growth a Major Catalyst

There was increased growth in the volume of the products according to the CEO of Herbalife. As at the third quarter of 20118 the company had witnessed an increase of around 15% which was projected yield around 1.5 million in revenue. Suh growth even exceeded the expectations of the management; this marks the highest volumes sales by the company since 2012. The volumes did not only indicate revenue increase but double-digit growth as a top market player for a second consecutive period. The company says that its main goal is to meet the need of the consumers and this strategy is paying off for Herbalife.

Strong global presence and strong portfolio as a prerequisite for growth

Herbalife takes pride a strong product portfolio that includes effective weight management, energy, nutrition, fitness, and sports products. A good portfolio makes one gain new customers while maintaining old ones as they can meet their diverse needs. Currently the company as a created capacity which involves the introduction of 58 products which are distributed over 51 countries worldwide. Among the new products is a High Protein Iced Coffee which caters for people who would love to consume a healthy alternative to traditional coffee. According to the CEO of Herbalife, the company is tracking existing flavors and discovering new ones after a careful study of local taste and preference to meet the needs of all of its customers. Additionally, the company enjoys a large geographic presence, unlike other competitors.

What is the future perspective of the company?

HLF is facing completion from other retailers and distributors of nutritional products; the company, however, has a perspective of solidifying its products. This will be achieved by focusing on direct sales which will boost the performance of the company. Growth drivers seen in 2018 are expected to continue to be witnessed in 2019 as management prospects that the investment plans will continue to be in good books in the foreseeable future. Learn more about Herbalife on LinkedIn.



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum confronts the misdiagnosis to patients with back pain

Many people will have a problem with their back at some point in their lives, which can be excruciating and possibly develop into a prolonged issue. Having low back pain specifically can disable a person from doing everyday activities, along with dealing with the pain of it. There are many root causes to back pain that can range from disease, infection, or problems radiating from the spine. It can be essential to diagnose what the problem is as listing a patient for the wrong treatment won’t do anything and not fix the issue at hand. As with the field of doctoring, costs for back treatment can be costly and has led to the creation of screening to find the problem with questions. Usually, a doctor such as Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum can diagnose the condition of the patient by the listed symptoms, although a Medium post from the doctor lists that there have been many plaguing inaccuracies of the questioning.Read more here.

According to a study conducted by International Orthopaedics from December of last year, observers found out that red flag symptoms tended to be inaccurate for determining if the low back pain is the aftermath of a serious back issue. The root of these inaccuracies is due to the fact that many patients do not know why their back is hurting or what could have exactly caused it. Although back issues can be a warning sign to other severe cases such as cancer, infection, fracture, and more, however, it tends to be rare. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has a grand solution to all of this and that is to look at each patient individually, along with doing other tests and imaging if there is suspicion of a severe back issue. Diagnosing a client with the wrong treatment or condition can be fatal to the person’s life and with all the technology out nowadays there should not be an excuse to it. More tools and solutions should be developed. The article ends on a note for physicians to be careful in diagnosis. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a practicing doctor educated at Brown University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He specializes in surgery of the bones, joints, and hip. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also known as the founder and director of Medscape Orthopaedics. See Dr Ira’s profile here https://interview.net/dr-ira-kirschenbaum/

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How Bernardo Chua Led Organo Gold to Success

Back in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua was a simple man dreaming of becoming a wealthy businessman someday. Working hard for his dreams, he was able to emigrate overseas and settled in Canada. In 2008, he decided to establish Organo Gold, a multi-level marketing company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia. The company that he established sells a variety of items – from coffee, tea, to personal items and health supplements. Another thing that sets Organo Gold apart from their competitors would be the unique business structure implemented by the company. People who are interested in becoming business partners and retailers would need to apply through their website or any third party affiliates. Then, potential retailers will be briefed about the company and how the business works. From there, potential retailers would have the choice either to join Organo Gold and become one of their official retailers or remain as a buyer – the decision depends on the individual. However, many people are developing an interest to become a retailer because of the profit that they could make while selling Organo Gold products.

Bernardo Chua has been working closely with his business partners to ensure that the products from Organo Gold will be sold freely in the market. As of the present, the company operates in 45 countries. Organo Gold has also produced competitive retailers who are also contributing to the company’s income. Positive advertisement and reviews posted on the internet also helped the company to gain more customers who are curious as to what kind of effect a Chinese herb-infused drink might do to the body.


Deidre Baggot Successful Career

Deirdre Baggot is an idealist in the medical world. She has expertise in her field of work and has operated in the area for several years thus gaining more experience. Deirdre decided to work on her idea after several years of work at Northwestern. She has had several mentors while working at Northwestern who have inspired her more and more to be a go-getter. Deirdre got the idea on the bundled payment system during her job as a nurse. As a nurse, she wished for giving patients more health care and undivided attention. She showed a lot of concern and worried, therefore, decided to come up with a method that would benefit all. The bundled payment system provides consumers with quality health care at an affordable price.

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Deirdre Baggot’s contribution has brought growth in the health care system and has made her become globally recognized as a medical icon. She has won awards in the medical world. Deirdre is focused on enhancing better health care globally. Currently, she has implemented the payment system in a vast number of hospitals in various states. She has also ensured that there is growth and innovation in the payment system. Deirdre believes that extensive research, interactions, and commitment is the key to success. One has to know a particular area or topic before making a business venture.

Deirdre Baggot has written a text on the bundled payment system. The book gives an extensive view of the system. She has also made television appearances talking about the matter thus making awareness to people in different parts of the country. Deirdre has invitations to medical conferences where she gets the opportunity to talk about the bundled payment system and give advice on how to improve the health care system. Deirdre is passionate about her work and would like it to be adopted globally.

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Impressionable facts about Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is ranked among the largest asset management companies in the world. The firm was found in 1998, and it has continued to build its reputation by paying close attention to the needs of its clients. The fast responses that the firm offers to its clients has also enabled it to grow fast and attract more customers. Besides, the company also entails an excellent team of experts who have always worked towards meeting the common goal of the company. Among the well-known leaders that have brought the company to its today’s notable successes include Wes Edens, Gareth Henry, Peter Briger, among many others.

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Additionally, the Fortress Investment Group has always been guided by great principles that are usually planned by executives. The guiding principles serve as guidelines for the companies employees to follow to know the right way that they ought to behave in the course of their operations at the workplace. Besides, the guidelines also enable the firm’s employees to handle their customer’s with care and integrity. Through the exemplary conduct shown by the firm employees as well as executives, the firm has gained a lot of fame and thus increased its number of clients worldwide. Besides, it has also enabled the firm to win the trust of its clients, which is a key factor for a firm to succeed. The executives of the company have also contributed to the growth and rise of the firm through the collaborations they have formed with other prestigious companies in the market. Together with the mergers, they have launched with various companies, the Fortress Investment Group has not only established a vast number of its affiliates across the world, but it has also increased the number of assets it manages thus increasing its total revenues.

The Fortress Investment Group has also striven to be of benefit to the society through creating jobs. Many youngsters in various parts of the globe have successfully landed their dream jobs and thus increased the amount of income that they earn. With this, a significant number of them have successfully lived better and happy lives that they have always desired.

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Rocketship Public Schools Receives Highest Rating in Annual Report

Rocketship Public Schools is a network of charter schools that serve students up to the eighth grade. It has expanded to the east coast including the Washington D.C. area. As a network of elementary schools, Rocketship public schools is evaluated and rated by the DC Public Charter School Board. Each year, it is given an annual rating by the Performance Management Framework. For the year 2018, Rocketship public schools was given a record high rating. Out of a possible 100 points, Rocketship Public Schools received a rating of 94%. As a result, it was regarded as the most reputable and highest quality public charter school in the area. It’s DC area school, Legacy Prep was rated on the Tier 1 category of public charter schools.

On an annual basis, the DC Public Charter School Board puts together its final Quality Report at the end of each year. When the report is compiled, the schools are rated on characteristics such as scholastic achievement by students, learning progress, attendance and satisfaction among parents. Rocketship public schools received the highest rating for the year and was therefore able to establish itself as the leading public charter school for grades kindergarten to eighth grade. There are a number students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend the Rocketship public schools. Due to this factor, the charter school network has proven that all types of students can reach high levels of scholastic achievement.

Today, many parents are very aware of the quality of education that their children receive from Rocketship public schools. They realized that students who attend the schools are often in position to be well prepared for their educational futures. Since the quality of education has been quite high among parents, many more of them have decided to have their children attend. This has led to high growth in attendance over the past year. There are now over 450 students who attend the school’s DC campus. Parents have stated that the school provides their children with a bright future by giving them one of the highest quality educations available as explained here https://www.blendedlearning.org/directory/schools/rocketship-public-schools/district. Due to the many very positive reviews the school has been given, it was named Legacy Prep.

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Guilherme Paulus is the Pioneer of the Tourism Industry of Brazil

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and it is even harder in Brazil. There are multiple impediments to opening a successful business in this country. However, for those that have found a way of overcoming these hurdles, their businesses have become extremely rewarding. Examples of these obstacles include high rates of taxation and the unstable bureaucracy which is a hindrance for a business to achieve its set goals. Guilherme Paulus is one of the persons who have managed to grow successful businesses in Brazil.

One may wonder how Guilherme Paulus did it. When he began as an entrepreneur, he understood this market well and knew he needed a proper plan that will give him more exposure. The plan was to be observant of the government agencies, seeking advice from peers and paying attention to the prospective customers. He was also keen on identifying the opportunities in the tourism sector that would grow his company. In one of his interviews, he said the advice he can offer a young entrepreneur is to listen to people’s opinion., because you learn a lot.

Guilherme Paulus has always been interested in business. His desire to become a successful entrepreneur is the reason he chose to study BA in college. He got his first job at IBM when he was just 20 years old as an intern. After 4 years, he formed a company named CVC together with Carlos Vicente. They were hoping to leverage on the untapped tourism industry of Brazil. Although he did not have the money, he had the plan of making the business succeed while Carlos provided the initial capital.

Guilherme Paulus has always been a visionary since the beginning of the business, and this is the reason he has beat the competition over the years and even today. He was strategically opening the tour company’s shops in the populated regions of Brazil. The strategy helped the company to grow tremendously to a point of going public in 2013. Guilherme Paulus used the financial resources from the initial offering to grow the business further. His motivation also led him to invest 600 million in the hospitality industry through his now successful company,the GJP Hotels & Resorts

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